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This article explains how you can create and use rubrics when you grade assignments in Blackboard.

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Rubrics is a scoring tool for student assessment. A rubric is a set of assessment criteria and different levels of performance. By using rubrics you can clarify for the students what is emphasized in the assessment. You can also make the rubric available to the students before they submit so that they can organize their task to the rubric. When you have made a rubric you can reuse it as many times as you please. For instance, a rubric may look like this:

Overview of rubric.

Create a Rubric #

  1. Start by clicking on Course Tools (1) in the course management menu, followed by Rubrics (2).

    Click on Course Tools in the course management menu, then click Rubrics.
  2. Click on Create Rubric (1).

    Create a rubriv by clicking Create rubric.
  3. Give the new rubric a Name (1), for example "Rubric for text assignments" and optionally a description.

    Add a name and optionally a description.
  4. The rubric is configured beneath Details. Each row (A) represent an assessment criteria, and each column (B) represent a level of achievement. The standard layout is a three by three rubric: three assessment criteria with different levels of performance.

    Overview of rubric. Rows represent assessment criteria and colomns represent a level of performance.
  5. To add a new assessment criteria, click Add row (1), and to add a new level of performance click Add column (2). To delete or edit a row/column, click on the small arrow (3) next to the name of the row/column.

    Edit rows and columns.
  6. You can switch scoring system by changing the Rubric Type field. There are five different types of rubrics:
    1. No points
    2. Points
    3. Point range
    4. Percent
    5. Percent range

      Choose between different types of rubrics in the dropdown menu.
  7. Since assignments in Blackboard usually are assessed with approved / not approved, the simplest would be to choose a "No points rubric". Then the rubric will be a pinpoint to what the students should focus more on, and you can avoid confusion about points.
  8. When you are done editing your rubric, click Submit in the bottom right corner to create the rubric.

Grading Assignments Using Rubrics #

To grade an assignment with rubrics, you have to attach a rubric to an assignment. If you are not familiar with assignments in Blackboard, you can read more about how you create assignments here: Create individual, mandatory assignments..

  1. When you are creating or editing an assignment, scroll down to the Grading section. Hover the mouse over Add rubric (1). In this example we have already created a rubric, so we click Select rubric (2).

    Select rubric
  2. A new window will open which contains a list of all the rubrics created in the current course. Select an alternative from the list, for example Rubric for text assignments (1) and click Submit (2).

    Select a rubric from the list in the new window.
  3. If you want the students to see the rubrics evaluation before they submit the assignment, make sure to set Show Rubric to Students to Yes (With Rubric Scores) (1).

    Choose between show rubric before submitting, not at all, or after grading.

    Student view on.
  4. After saving the settings by clicking Send, you will be able to assess the test using the chosen rubric. The rubric appears on the right hand side in the grading tool.
    You can read more about the grading tool and assessments here: Assessing course work.
  5. By clicking on the rubric's name (1), you will see the assessment criteria and corresponding levels of achievement. Check of the levels of performance for the assessment criteria and click Save Rubric (2). (If you wish to see the entire rubric including the descriptions for the different levels, you can click the window-icon (3)).

    Grading with rubrics. Check of for levels of performance.
  6. From a student point of view, it will look something like this:

    Student view of rubric

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