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This page describes how to upload files to My Content (Mitt innhold) in Blackboard. This quide applies to employees.

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My Content (Mitt innhold) in Blackboard #

This user guide shows how to upload zip-files and a single files to My Content/Mitt innhold. The zip-package could e.g. include the files you downloaded from It's learning or Fronter.

Note:Mitt innhold is a file repository (content collection) that is only accessible to employees. Files you upload to Mitt innhold will not be visible to students unless you choose to include it in a content area in a course. Read more about content areas here.

Where to find My Content #

To find your content collection, click on Mitt innhold in the top menu in Blackboard.

Mitt innhold in top menu

Overview of My Content #

After clicking on Mitt innhold, you will see this page:

visual of My Content

  • My content (A)
    This is the storage for your personal files and folders. Files uploaded directly into this folder will be inaccessible to others.
  • Course content (C)
    This is the storage for course files and folders. Everything inside this folder has at some point been added to a course area, and is visible to both students and other teachers in the course.
  • Institutional content (D)
    This is the storage for institutional files and folders. Content in this folder is accessible to teachers who belong to the same institution as you.

You can either upload files and folders to My content, or upload them directly to the content areas where you want to use them.Files you choose to upload directly to content areas (e.g. Sources and syllabus), will automatically be stored in the related Course content folder. Other teachers in the course are able to access these files.

Choice of display #

There are two ways of displaying the folder structure in My Content:

Display structure

  • Too see the left view, click on the folder icon on top of the menu. (1)
  • To see the right view, click on the list icon on top of the menu. (2)

How to upload files to Blackboard #

This guide is based on using Windows 10 and the Chrome browser.

Before you start:

  • We recommend connecting to a wired network before uploading files. This will reduce uploading time and the likelihood of problems.
  • Try to only include files you want on Blackboard in the zip-package.
  • If the zip-file is more than 100 megabytes, it's best to split it in two to minimize the possibilities of complications.
  1. Go to My Content (Mitt innhold).

    Mitt innhold
  2. For better organization of your My Content area, we recommend you first create a folder for the files you are going to upload. To do this, click Create Folder.

    Create folder
  3. Name your folder (1) (e.g.: Business Strategy) and press Submit(2).

    Name your folder

    The folder is now created.
  4. Click on the folder and choose Upload.

    Upload in folder

Upload a zip-file (compressed file) #

When you upload a zip-file, Blackboard will retain the file structure within it.

  1. Hover your pointer over Upload and select Upload Zip Package.

    Upload zip package
  2. Click on Browse My Computer and find the zip file you want to upload.

    Add folder to blackboard my content

    Select the file and choose Open.
  3. Tick box A if you want the new file to overwrite any old file with the same name. Then click Submit.

    Submit new file to My Content

    Note! The upload may take some time.
  4. When the upload is done, you will see that the zip-file is now unzipped and added to the folder you created earlier. Click on the folder to see that sub-folders are also is in place.


Upload a single file #

  1. Go to Upload and choose Upload Files. Make sure that you are in the correct folder when uploading your file.

    Upload single file Blackboard.
  2. Click on Browse My Computer, find the file on your computer and click Open.

    Browse computer and choose file
  3. Click Submit to upload the file. The uploaded file is now available in the selected folder.

    Single file in my content

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Contact #

Orakel Support Services can help if you have questions or if you encounter difficulties.

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