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This guide explains the different elements of the Course Management Menu.

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The Course Management Menu is only visible to instructors.

The Course Management Menu #

The Course Management Menu can be found in the bottom of the course side menu in any course. Clicking the heading Control Panel (1) will allow you to toggle between an expanded Course Management Menu and a hidden one.

Control panel menu

The Course Menu works in the same way, which means you can hide the Course Menu by clicking on the little arrow to the left of the course name to hide it.

You have several options in the Course Management menu, some of which are also available from other places in Blackboard, such as Content Collection, Calendar and Announcements. The Course Management menu also lets you evaluate and grade assignments, customize your course design, and manage course groups. In short, the Course Management menu lets you manage your course.

Under the title of every page you navigate to, there is a description of the tool's functionality.

Introduction text

Content Collection #

The Content Collection section constists of shortcuts to locations also available through Mitt innhold (My Content) in the top menu:

My content in top menu

  • The first option lets you view the content uploaded to the course you are currently in. The other options let you navigate between content linked to other courses and your own user.

NOTE: Content that has been deleted or moved from the content area will still be avilable to course instructors unless it has also been deleted from My Content.

Course Tools #

The options you will find in Course Tools are tools such as Discussion Board, Course Calendar, Announcements, Email, Contacts and several others. Click on the different tools to navigate to them.

Course tools shown in course menu.

To learn more about the various tools, go to Tools and functionality.

Grade Center #

Grade Center is where you can evaluate assignments and tests, and look through surveys.

Grade Center

To learn more about the grade center, go to Overview of the grade center.

To learn how to organize the Grade Center, see Organising the grade center.

Users and Groups #

Users and Groups contains three options: Users, Groups and List view.

Users and groups menu

Users #

Users is a list of all the course participants, both students and course instructors, and includes information on all the participants.

Go to Adding staff to a course for an introduction to this tool.

Groups #

Groups lets you manage the groups in your course. To learn how you can create groups and edit groups in your course, go to Creating and editing group sets.

To learn more about Groups and tools for group work, go to Groups and tools for group work.

List view #

List view gives you a list of:

  • Students in the course
  • Instructors in the course
  • Group sets in the courses

Customization #

Customization is where you customize your course. You can for example change the appearance of the course, edit the course's name, manage the availability of the course, and change the language used in the course. There are five options in this section of the Course Management Menu. We will briefly introduce these options here.

Customization in menu

Properties #

In properties, you can:

  • Change the course name in Blackboard.
  • Change the course availability.
  • Change the course language setting. Note that this will only affect the specific course.

Guest and Observer Access #

Guests can get access to course content, but are unable to participante in course activities. In Guest and Observer Access you can allow guests to get access to the course.

By allowing guests to access the course, a link to the course page in Blackboard will appear on the course page at

Teaching Style #

Here you can:

  • Change the frontpage of the course. The front page is the first page the students will see when they access the course.
  • Add a banner to the frontpage. An example of a banner picture can be seen in BB1001 - Course Design in Blackboard.

Tool Availability #

The last Customization option is Tool Availability. This allows you to control which tools are available as well as who can access them.

Tool Availability

See Tools and functionality to learn more about different functionalities in Blackboard.

Packages and Utilities #

Packages and Utilities includes tools for importing and exporting course content, as well as the entire course. For more information on how to export and import course content and courses, see Export and copy courses.

See also #

Contact #

Orakel Support Services can help if you have questions or if you encounter difficulties.

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