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This wiki shows how students can submit assignments and tests in Blackboard.

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All assignments are created by lecturers in the course. Contact your lecturer if you have questions about the assignment.

Submit Assignments and Tests #

Find Assignments and Tests #

All assignments and tests with due dates in Blackboard will be available in the To Do module. This module can be found here:

  1. A total overview of assignments and tasks across all of your courses can be found clicking the Varsler tab in the Top Menu.

    Click on Varsler to get an overview of the To Do-Module.
  2. Course related assignments and tasks are available from the Course Front Page (1)  in the To Do module (2).

    Overview of Topic related To Dos

Submit Assignment #

You can submit an assignmet by finding it within the course area (where your lecturer chose to publish it), or you can find it in the To Do module, and so go directly to the submission page for the assignment.

  1. Click This week (1)  in the To Do module to access available upcoming tasks.
    In this example there is a test and an assignment called Assignment 1 (2):

    Upcoming tasks this week is Assignment 1 and Test 1.png
  2. Click on the Assignment link to open the Upload Assignment window.

    Overview of uploading assignment. Title, due date and available points.Description and instructions.

    Submit your assignment in the text editor or by uploading a file from your computer.Add a comment for your lecturer, cancel, save draft or submit your assignment.

    Here you'll find the following: 
    1. (1) Title of the assignment.
    2. (2) Due Date.
    3. (3) Points Possible: Points will usually not be visible to students after the assignment is assessed. In most instances 1 point will be displayed as Approved and 0 points will be displayed Not Approved in graded assignments.
    4. (4) Description and instructions: Your lecturer may add instructions and documents for students to read here. Please read these carefully.
    5. (5) Write Submission: Opens a content editor within Blackboard.
    6. (6) Attach Files: Upload a document to be submitted.
    7. (7) Comments: Students can add a comment to the lecturer regarding the assignment here. 
    8. (8) Exit by clicking:
      Cancel: Exits without submitting.
      Save draft: Saves your changes without submitting the assignment.
      Send: Submits assignment.
      NB! When you have submitted your assignment you cannot delete your submission. Your lecturer decides if it is possible to submit more than once. If you have no more attempts but still wish to resubmit, you'll have to contact your lecturer. Before you select Submit, be sure that you have attached any required files.
  3. When you have submitted the assignment a Review Submission History page appears with information about your submitted assignment, and a success message with a Confirmation number (1) appears on the top of the page. We recommend that you copy and save this number as a proof of your submission. For assignments with multiple attempts, you receive a different number for each submission. If the lecturer has permitted multiple submission attempts, you will see a Start New (2) button on this page.

    Submission Confirmation number and Start New submission.
  4. You can access course specific submission receipts either by going to My grades through the always accessible quick menu in the top right corner, or by cicking My grades on the course front page.

    Shortcut to My Grades
  5. Click Submitted (1) followed by clicking the small number (2) next to Submission Receipts at the bottom of the list to see your submission history.

    Overview of your submission history and submission receipts at the bottom.
  6. This opens the Submission Receipts window.

    Submission Receipts

Submit Tests #

  1. Find the test in the To Do module and click on the Test link (1) to open the test. You can also access the test through the course page.

    Find the test in the To Do-module and open it by clicking the link.
  2. The test window opens with Title (A) and Instructions (B). Please read the instructions carefully before you start the test. Press Begin (C) to start the test.

    Test window with title, instructions and begin-button.
  3. Each lecturer decides the layout for each test, therefore the tests may look a bit different from each other. Here you can see a test where questions are shown one by one:

    Overview of test, information, alerts and next question.

    • (A) Information  with test description, instructions, number of attempts etc.
    • (B) Notifications if this is activated by your lecturer (e.g. if Forced completion is activated).
    • (C) Question to be answered.
    • (D) Save answer. All answers/changes are automatically saved, but you can also do it manually here.
    • (E) Next question Click on the small arrow to proceed to the next question (this option is not possible if the whole test is shown on one page).
  4. Click Save and submit to submit your attempt (NB! When the questions are shown one by one you can only submit from the last question page). You will then see the Test Submitted page. Click OK to continue.
  5. On the Review Test Submission page you will see your test results if your lecturer has made it possible for you to see the results immediately after submitting. Else you will have to wait until your lecturer has graded your attempt to be able to see your answers and your result.

    Correct answers are indicated with a green icon.

    By clicking OK you can review your test submission.
  6. Press OK (1) to exit.

Resubmit Assignments or Tests #

  • Some assignments and tests may have been set up with multiple attempts by your lecturer. If this is the case you will be able to submit a new version of your assignment or retake the test within the due date. If your lecturer has enabled multiple attempts you can start a new submission by clicking Start new.
  • Contact your lecturer if you have only one attempt, and need to resubmit your assignment or submitted your test by mistake.

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Contact #

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