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This page shows you how to send an email to your students using Blackboard's integrated email tool.

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The possibility to send email directly from Blackboard to the students' NTNU-mail, can be considered supplemental to the Announcement tool were you can post messages internally in your course page. You can read more about the announcement tool here.

Sending email to students #

  1. In the Course Management Menu, you will find a link called Send Email in the drop-down menu under Course Tools.

    Email page in the menu

    Alternatively you can find the email tool under Quick-links on the course front page.

    Email tool in quick-links
  2. In the Send email page, there are several different recipient options to choose from:
    1. All Users
    2. Alle Groups
    3. Alle Læringsassistent Users
    4. Alle Student Users
    5. All Underviser Users
    6. Single / Select Users
    7. Single / Select Groups.

      In this example we are sending an email to all students enrolled in the course. Click on All Student Users (1).

      Send email to all students in a course
  3. Now, you will see the email editor. The Title field (1) works like the subject line for your email, so you can specify what the email is about. The actual message is written in the text editor (2). It's possible to enable return receipt (3). To attach a file, click on attach a file (4), followed by clicking on Choose File and choosing a file from your computer. After you have attached a file, you will get the possibility to attach another one by clicking on Attach another file. When you are finished writing your email, click Send (5).

    Writing an ameil inside Blackboard


  1. The sender will automatically receive a copy of the email.
  2. The recipients are put in the BCC field so that they cannot see the other recipients.
  3. There is no "Sent-folder". Blackboard will simply make sure the email is sent to the selected recipients.
  4. Any answers will be sent to your email inbox (Outlook)

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