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This article explains how to reuse questions in Blackboard by creating and using question pools. A question pool is a collection of questions. The questions in a question pool can be used in any test or survey.

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Create a Question Pool #

By creating a question pool you can make a set of questions that may be used in several tests and surveys.

  1. Click on Course Tools (1) in the Course Management menu, and then click Tests, Surveys, and Pools (2) in the drop-down menu.

    Click on Course Tools followed by Tests, Surveys and Pools.
  2. Click on Pools (1).

    Click Pools on the Tests, surveys and pools site.
  3. On the Pools-page you will find an overview of all of your question pools. To edit an existing pool, hover over the name of the Pool you want to edit and click the small arrow (1) that appears. Then click Edit (2).

    Click the small arrow next to the name of the pool followed by Edit.
  4. To create a new question pool, click Build Pool (1).

    Create a new question pool.
  5. Give the pool a Name (1), optionally a Description (2) and/or Instructions (3) and click Send (4).

    Give the question pool a Name, optionally a Description and or Instructions and press Send.
  6. Your question pool is now ready for use. To create a new question, click on Create Question (1) followed by clicking on the question type you want to use.

    Click Create question and select a question type from the dropdown menu.

Reuse questions #

There is a button called Reuse questions (1) on the canvas for test or surveys. Hover over this button to open the drop-down meu with several alternatives for reusing questions.

Find questions #

If you don't wish to use random questions in your test/survey, you can choose exactly the ones you wish to use by clicking Find Questions (2).

Hover over the Reuse questions-button and click Find question.

  1. A new window will open were you can choose from previously used questions.

    The Find questions-page contains several filters for questions.

    You can filter questions based on:
    1. Pools
    2. Tests
    3. Question Type
    4. Category
    5. Topics
    6. Level of difficulty
    7. Keywords
  2. Most of the meta data will only be there if you have manually registered them in each question.
  3. The questions will appear at the bottom of the page after you have chosen some criteria.
  4. Select the question you want to use (1), and then click Send (2).

    Select the questions you wich to include in your test.
  5. You are now back in your test canvas, and the questions have been added to your test.

Random questions from question set #

You can select a set of questions, then choose how many random questions to be used from this set.

  1. Click on Reuse Questions (1) followed by clicking on Create Question Set (2).

    Create question set
  2. A new window opens, and you can select questions in a similar manner as you did using the Find Questions-function.
  3. After you have added the question set to the test canvas, you can see the number of Total Questions (1) and adjust the Number of Questions to display (2). The latter decides how many questions to be randomly chosen from the question set. Note that the random selection of questions will vary from student to student such that almost no students will get identical tests.

    Chose the number of questions.

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