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On this page you will find a description of the content types Item and Blank page, both of which can be created from the Build content menu in Blackboard and can be used to build course content. 

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What is an Item and Blank Page #

Item and Blank Page are two tools that can be used to present content in a blackboard course. The content can be text, documents and audio/picture/video etc.

Before you start #

If you want to add files and folders into your courses, you should first consider if it's best to upload files to My content or directly into your courses. If you choose to upload files directly into course content (A), the files will automatically be stored in Course content (B), not in the folder My content (C).
Element Blank page

Choose where to build content #

  1. To create an item/blank page, navigate to one of the areas which gives you access to the Build Content menu. Click Start (1) and choose one of your courses (2). Blackboard items and blank pages
  2. Now you can start building content in one of the course content areas (A). Note that if you don't choose to hide any of these content areas from the menu, then all of them will be visible for students.You can edit and delete course menu items if wanted, but please note that it will be best for students if their courses has the same or similar structure. Read more about adjusting the course menu

You can choose between several tools to build content in Your courses. In this wiki you will learn the differences and similarities of an Item and a Blank Page.

What is the similarities of Item and Blank page? #

An Item or a Blank page may consist of text only, formated in the same manner as in a word processor. However, as they make use of the Content Editor, they are tools which allow you to do much of what can be done using the other alternatives in the Build Content menu. 

  • One can attach files and create links, but also embed audio, images and video. 
  • Flickr-images, SlideShare presentations and YouTube videos can be embedded as "Mashups"
  • Using the HTML- and CSS buttons, one can program advanced content, maintaining creative control.
    Content editor

What is the differences between Item and Blank page? #

The processes for creating an item and a blank page are very similar and can be described together. Both gives Access to the Content editor.
The main difference is how the content is presented to students.
Items and Blank pages give you the option between attaching and embedding files. This is first and foremost a matter of preference. 

Below you will find four different ways of presenting the content: Content editor

  • (A) Blank page with file attached to the folder. File appears with the folder.
  • (B) Blank page where file(s) are included in content using the content editor. Only folder-name is visible for students.
  • (C) Item with file as attachment to folder.
  • (D) Item with file included in content using the content editor.

    Note that the titles of Blank pages should be descriptive as it is not possible to present the pages with any further description.  

How to create an Item or Blank page? #

  1. From the Build content menu that appears when you have chosen where to build content, select Item or Blank Page:
    Item and Blank Page in Build Content menu
  2. We will explain how to create a Blank Page. The steps for creating an Item is mostly the same. Specify a name (required field). Note that you have the option of selecting a colour for the title. It is recommended, however, that you keep it black in order to ensure a good contrast, which is key to universal design. Name your blank page
  3. Add content using the content editor. If you need help using this tool, see: Blackboard - The content editor.Blank page
  4. Scroll down. If you like, you can add files as attachments (A) using the buttons to localize files on either your computer or in the content collection. You can also choose if and when this page shall be visible for students (B).Blank Page
  5. Review the standard options and click Submit.Blank page 
  6. Later you can edit name and content by navigating your cursor over the page name and click on the little grey arrow (1) which appears by the name and click on edit (2). Edit page.

How to add files in content or as attachement #

  1. To add files from your computer click on Browse My Computer (1), select a file (2) and click on open (3). Blank page attachement
  2. To add files from your blackboard files click on Browse Content Collection (1), select a file (2) and click on submit(3): Add file to blank pagecontent collection

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Contact #

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