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Blackboard - Import questions from external sources

This article explains how you can import questions to Blackboard from external resources.

Norsk versjon - Import av spørsmål fra eksterne ressurser

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Import from other websites #

Some textbooks have their own websites which offers huge sets of questions in relation to the themes covered in the textbook. How you download the questions will vary between different webpages, but the most important feature to look for, is to download the questions in text-format, i.e. files which ends with ".txt".

Upload the txt file #

  1. Go to the canvas for the test or question pool you wish to supply with questions.
  2. Click on Upload Questions (1).

    Click on Upload Questions.
  3. Click on Browse (1) to select the txt-file from your computer and set the number of Points per question (2). The default value is assigned from the Question Settings. If no value is defined in Question Settings, 0 is used. Changing the value here does not affect Question Settings. Then click Submit (3).

    Upload a txt-file qith questions, set the number of points per question and click Send.
  4. The questions will now appear in the test or pool canvas.

Make Questions in Excel or Text Editor and Import to Blackboard #

Instead of making questions inside Blackboard, you can write them in a text editor or Excel on your local computer, and then upload the questions afterwards. Note that the questions must be written in a certain format. You may read more about this format here: Upload questions. E.g. a multiple choice question would look like this:

MCWhat is the capital of Sweden?OsloincorrectStockholmcorrectParisincorrectBerlinincorrect


Example view of MC-questions in excel.

  1. The first part defines which question type it is. In the example above, we have used "MC", which stands for Multiple Choice.
  2. The second part contains the question.
  3. After the question, every second column contains an answer alternative and every second column contains the corresponding correctness value. If an alternative is wrong, the next column should say "incorrect", and if the alternative is right, the next column should say "correct".
  4. If you wish to write the questions in a text editor, remember to use TAB-distances between each column. In Excel, you simply switch to the next column.
  5. It's important to remember to always save as a .txt file, even if you are using Excel.

Note that you don't have as many options as if you were to make the questions inside Blackboard, particulary with regards to meta data and regressive answers. Even though, question formats are supported. You can read more about the different question types here: Upload questions.

Downloaded questions from itslearning and Fronter #

If you have previously downloaded questions from itslearning or Fronter and wish to upload these to Blackboard, you must first run them throught a conversion tool, which converts your question files to txt-format. You can then upload the questions as described further up in this article.

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