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Groups #

Groups are created by the lecturers in your courses, with the following options:

Predefined groups #

Groups defined by your lecturers, with the following two options: 

  • Automatic enroll: Groupmembers are randomly allocated to groups
  • Manual enroll: Lecturers manually enroll students to groups

Self-Enroll groups #

Empty groups are set up by the lecturer, and the students get a link to a list of groups where they can enroll.

Find predefined and self-enroll groups #

All groups should be available from Groups in the Course front Page:

Finding groups quick links

Note that lecturers may choose to customize their Course Front Page design.
Contact your lecturer if you can not find your groups in Blackboard.

Sign up for a self-enrollment group #

  1. Click the Groups link on the Course Front Page:
    Finding groups quick links
  2. Click on the button (1) to the Sign-up Sheet:
    Student Self Enroll - Step 2
  3. If your lecturers have created more than one group, all groups will be listed. Choose your preferred group:sign up for student groups
  4. When you have signed up, a link to chosen group will appear in your course menu under My Groups:
    Student Groups in Course menu

    You may have to refresh the menu before the group link is visible in your menu:
    refresh course menu

Sign out of groups #

Contact your lecturer or teaching assistant if you need to sign out of a group. A students submitted work will be deleted when leaving a group. 

Group tools #

The lecturers can choose to activate the following tools while creating groups:

  • Blog
  • Discussion Board
  • Email
  • File exchange
  • Journals
  • Wikis

Blog #

Group members can add entries and comments to the group blog to share ideas. Lecturers can grade group blogs if they choose to. Grades are automatically given to all members of the group.

Discussion Board #

Group members can communicate as a group, as well as create and manage their own forums, if allowed. The group discussion board is available only to group members, not to the entire course.

Email #

Group members can email individual members or the entire group.

File exhange #

Lecturers and group members can use this tool to upload documents to the group area, and delete files, regardless of who added them. Files appear in the order they were uploaded. Uploaded images appear in a new browser window. This tool is only available in groups.

Journals #

Group members can share their thoughts with each other and communicate with lecturers. Journal entries members made in the group journal are visible to all group members and lecturers. Lecturers can choose to grade group journals. Grade is automatically given to all the members.

Wikis #

Group wikis is a collaborative space for group members to view, contribute, and edit content. By default, all course members can read group wikis, but only members of the group can make a comment on their group wiki page. Creators of groups can change the default setting to allow only group members to view a group wiki. Lecturers can choose to grade group wikis. Grade is automatically given to all the members of the group.

Group Collaboration in O365 #

All students and employees have free access to Microsoft Office 365. You can access these tools from your top menu tab 0365.
Learn more about these tools here: Office 365 (Innsida).

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