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On this page, you will find information on how you, as a student, can enroll and withdraw from groups in Blackboard

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Are you an instructor? See separate page for employees: Groups and tools for group work

Groups #

Instructors can choose to create groups in their courses in Blackboard. They can create groups with self-enrollment, random enrollment, and manual enrollment. Self-enrollment means that you, as a student, can choose which group to join. In this user guide, you will get an introduction on how you can enroll in a group with self-enrollment.

How to enroll in a group with self-enrollment #

  1. To enroll in a group in Blackboard, enter the relevant course. On the home page of the course, click on Groups (1) below Lenker/links. Be aware that the instructor can customize the design on the course home page, so that the shortcut to groups is not available. Therefore, contact your instructor if you do not find groups in your course.

    shows the lenker/links module with an arrow pointing at groups
  2. When you have come to the group page and found the correct group, click on View Sign-Up Sheet to Join a Group (1). You will then be sent to a sign-up sheet.

    shows the group page with overview over all groups. An arrow is pointing at view sign up sheet to join a group
  3. If the instructor in the course have created more than one group, all the groups will be listed on the page. Choose the desired group by clicking on Sign up (1).

    Show the sign up sheet, with an arrow pointing at sign up under the correct group
  4. Once you have joined a group, a link will appear in your course menu named My Groups (1). Here you will find the links for the groups you are enrolled in in the course. In some instances you have to refresh the page before My groups appear. To do this, click on the Refresh icon (2) at the top of the course menu.

    Shows the course menu, with an arrow pointing at my groups, and another arrow point at the refresh icon to the top right in the course menu

How to withdraw from groups #

If you wish to withdraw from a group, contact your instructor in the course or a teaching assistant. Work that you have submitted in the group will be deleted if you withdraw from a group.

Group tools #

Instructors can choose to activate various tools when creating groups. These tools are easily available below My Groups in the dropdown menu for the specific group. You can also access the group tools on the home page of the group. Only students who are members of the specific group have access to the group tools in the group.

Shows my groups in the course menu with the dropdown menu activated showing the group tools. The group tools as available on the home page of the group is also showing.

Be aware that the instructor has access to whatever is written in blogs, journals, discussion borads and wikis.

Collaborate #

The tool Collaborate gives the group its own digital group room that can be used to for example collaborate on a group project. If you wish to read more about Collaborate, you can read this user guide: Participate in Collaborate.

File Exchange #

Instructors and group members can use this tool to upload files to the group area. All members have access to delete files regardless of who uploaded them. Files will appear in the order they are uploaded and uploaded pictures will open in a separate browser window. This tool is only available if you are enrolled in a group in a course.

Group Blog #

Group members can add blog posts and comment on blog posts to exchange ideas etc. Intructors can choose to grade group blogs. The grading will then apply to all members of the group.

Group Discussion Board #

Group members can communicate with each other in a discussion board. If the instructor has activated this as a group tool, the discussion board will only be available to the group members and not for other users in the course.

Group Journal #

The group journal gives the group members the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas, in addition to communicate with the instructor. Journal entries that the members enter in the journal will be visible to all members of the group and the instructors in the course. The instructor can also choose to grade the group journal, and the grading will apply to all members of the group.

Group Wiki #

Group Wiki is an area where the members of the group can collaborate on making wiki-pages. Only the instructor and the group members have access to the group wikis in the group, but the instructor has the option of giving all course participants reading access to the wiki. Instructors can also choose to grade a group's wikis, and the grading will apply to all members of the group.

Send Email #

Group members also have access to send email to the whole group or an individual email to a group member.

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