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Getting started #

I can't log into Blackboard, what is wrong? #

Some user experience errors while trying to log in to Blackboard. In many instances the problem can be resolved by deleting cookies or emptying your browser cache. If you still can't log in, you should contact Orakel Support Services for help. 

I don't have access to my courses in Blackboard, what should I do? #

Lecturers can send an e-mail to Orakel Support Services. Write "Blackboard access" in the title, and provide the neccesary details about the course(s) you need access to (e.g. Course ID, Course Name and Semester). Lecturers can also give access to other lecturers in their courses if they have a Feide-account. Read more here: Adding Staff to a Course. Note: Students will automatically be given access their courses in Blackboard (latest within a day) when they have registered their courses in Studentweb and paid the semester fees. Regular students must never be added manually to courses in Blackboard.

Student Assistant automatically changes to student #

The system is not designed to handle this type of double role where a student is registered for a course and is a Student Assistant in the same course simoultaneously. Please note that a student who also is a Student Assistant in a course might be able to cheat and gain advantages on assignments and exams, as well as being able to evaluate their own assignments.

The solution is to add the Student Assistant in the course's "Undervisningsenhet samlebilde" with the role "Assistent" in FS. This must be done by the Orakel Support Services

Is there a tool for attendance registration in Blackboard? #

Not at the moment.

Does Blackboard have project rooms? #

Yes, Blackboard has organizations, which can be used for these purposes. You can order organizations from your faculty contact.

I get multiple notifications in the Blackboard app, what is wrong? #

This is a known issue which will be fixed in an upcoming update. You can attempt to clear the cache in the app.

Building Content #

Why can't I see the create buttons? #

Whenever you want to create something new, you must set edit mode to on. You can find the edit mode button on the top right of the page.

Assignments, Surveys and Tests #

Can a lecturer hand in an assignment on behalf of a student? #

Blackboard does not support this functionality as it can be a security risk. Students should always hand in their own assignments.

Is it possible to completely disallow delivery of late assignments? #

Yes, this is possible. Lecturers can set options for availability when creating an assignment, which makes the assignment unavailable for students at a given time and date, making late delivery unavailable for students. We do however not reccomend this. Read more about why here: Assignments Availability

Can students choose between delivering assignments individually or in a group? #

Blackboard assignments are set up to either be individual or group assignments. It is not possible for an individual student to submit a group assignment without being a member of a group. This means that to allow individual students to submit group assignments, they must be in a group on their own.

To allow this, enough groups must be set up in your course for individual students. Read more about groups in Blackboard here: Groups and tools for group work

How do I grade and assess assignments in Blackboard? #

There are several detailed guides about grading and assessments i Blackboard to be found on the topic page. The assessment process is covered in the article "Assessing course work".

How can I find my previously submitted assessments? #

A step by step-guide with included screenshots can be found in the section called "Finding your previously submitted assessment" in the article about Assessing course work.

Grade Center missing scroll bars in Chrome and Safari on Mac #

Open "System Preferences" on your computer. Choose "General". Under "Show scroll bars" choose "Always".

See also #

Contact #

Orakel Support Services can help if you have any questions.

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