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This page gives a description on how you can copy and export course content, as well as entire courses, into Blackboard.

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  • Copy course: If you wish to copy course content from one course to another.
  • Export course: If you wish to save all of the course content, or the entire course. This option creats a zip-file that you can download and save locally on your computer, and which you can later upload back on to Blackboard.
    (N.B. When you export a course, the list of users and the user activities are not included. Only course content is exported).

Copy course and course content #

  1. Go to the course you wish to copy.
  2. In the Control Panel, go to Packages and Utilities and choose Course Copy.

    Find the course copy
  3. Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course
    The content you copy is added to the target course. It does not overwrite the content already there. This option does not copy user activites, like content in wikies, blogs, forums etc..
  4. Under Select Copy Options you will first have to select the target course. Click on Browse....

    Choose destination course

    Find the course and course-ID in the list. You can search for a course using the user name of an instructor in that course (choose the bullet point Instructor) or using the course name (choose Name/Description). Click on the course and then on Submit.

    Choose course and course-ID

    If you already have the Course-ID, you can simply type it directly into the Destination Course ID-field.
  5. You now have to choose the content you wish to copy. If you wish to copy the whole course (including all content, settings and tools) you can simply press Select All.

    Select all content

    If you only wish to copy selected parts of the course, simply check the content you wish to copy.
    • N.B. To copy assignments/tests/surveys you have to copy both the content area where the assignment is and copy the Grade Center Columns and Settings.
  6. Under File Attachments you decide what to do with all the files that are used in the various content areas.
    • Copy links to Course Files
      Only the links to the files are copied, and point to the original file.
    • Copy links and copies of the content
      All files that are used in the content areas you wish to copy are also copied to the content collection of the new target course.
    • Copy links and copies of the content (include entire course home folder)
      All the files within the course's content collection are saved to a new folder inside the content collection of the target course.
  7. If you choose the last option, you can also decide to exclude specific files that you don't wish to copy into the new course. To do this, click on Manage Package Contents.

    Remove files from the package that is to be copied

    In the window that pops up; choose the files you don't wish to copy, and then press Submit.
  8. If you wish to know the size of the package (folder), click on Calculate Size.

    See the size of the package/folder
  9. Lastly, under Enrollments there is an option called Include Enrollments in the Copy. This option must never be selected since our students automatically are enrolled into the course from the student administration system, FS.
  10. Click Submit to copy course.

Export Course #

  1. In the Control Panel, go to Packages and Utilities and click on Export/Archive Course.

    Find Export/archive course in the Control Panel
  2. Click on Export Package.

    Click the Export Course button
  3. Under File Attachments you have to decide what you want to do with the various files that are used in the course. There are two ways to handle the files:

    1. You can export the links to the files, and not the files themselves.

    2. You can export both links and files (this adds copies of the files).

    Choose first what you want to do with the files that are saved in the course collection of the current course (1), and then what to do with the files that are saved outside of your course (2) (e.g in My Content).

    Include or exclude copies of files in the exported content

    If you choose to make copies of the files, then all the files will be automatically exported. Should there be any files that you don't wish to export, then you can remove these by going to Manage Package Contents and check the files you don't want to export.
  4. Under Select Course Materials you have to choose which of the content areas you want to export. If you want to export everything, then you can simply click Select All.

    Choose the content you wish to export
  5. Click Submit to export the course/content.

    The zip-file containing the exported content can now be found in the Export/Archive course-page.

    Find the zip-file with the exported content
  6. Click on the file to download it to your computer.

    (N.B. Do not open or edit the zip-file. This may cause changes that make Blackboard unable to import the content correctly).

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