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This page explains the use of delegated grading in Blackboard.

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In large courses, where many teachers and teaching assistants are supposed to be involved in grading papers, it may be appropriate to delegate tasks in Blackboard. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating grading groups and smartviews in the grade center for each of the groups. We recommand to not use Blackboard's integrated solution for delegated grading, and use the method below instead.

Grading groups and smart views #

We are now going to distribute students in a course to the different teachers/teaching assistants and create a smart view in the grade center for each group. We will introduce what smart view is later in the instruction.

  1. Click on groups under users and groups in the course management menu.
    Menu button for groups
  2. In this example we will divide the students into randomized groups. There are also other ways to Create groups. Click on create (1) followed by clicking on random enrolled (2) under group set.
    Create groups
  3. Name the groups (1). If you write grading group in the name section, the groups will be given the names grading group 1, grading group 2 and so on. It is optional to give the group set a description (2), and set group is visible to students to no (3). Optionally this alternative can be set to yes if you want the students to see the grading groups.
    Name, description and visibility
  4. Since we are just going to use these groups to delegate grading, we can deactivate all the group tools:
    Tool availability
  5. Under adjustment you can remove marking from allow students to adjust the group area (1) Under alternatives for group set you can markCreate smart view for each group in the set (2).
    More alternatives
  6. Lastly, you can decide the number of students in each group (1) or number of groups, and determine how you distribute the (possibly) remaining member (2). Afterwards, click send (3).
    Choose number of students per group
  7. You will recieve notification that the groups have been created and du will be taken back to the group page where the new grading groups have been added to the list of groups in the course.
    Grading Groups have been created
  8. Now much of the job is done. However, if we wish to view the groups seperatly in the grading center, so that teaching assistants and lecturers only need to worry about their own group. Click Full Grade Center under Grade Center in the course menu.
    We click into the Grade Center
  9. Click manage (1) and then smart views.
    Administer Smart Views
  10. On this page you will find your grading groups. Click on the little star to the right of each grading group(1).
    Grade grading groups
  11. When you og back to the grade center, you will see that some new links have appeared for your grading groups in the course menu (1).
    Links to smart views
  12. When you click on each grading group in the menu, you will get a tailored view of the grade center only consisting of members from that group. This will make it easier to follow the grading for that specific group.
    Smart view for grading group 1

It is also possible to give these smart views a little more intuitive then just grading group 1,2,3… etc..

  1. Click back into Full Grade Center.
    We click into the grade center
  2. Again, click back into Administer (1) Smart views(2).
    Administer smart view
  3. say you want to change the name of Group: Grading group Ola 1 to Jhon's grading group. Click on the little purple arrow beside Group: Grading Group 1 (1)
    Change the name of smart view
  4. Edit the name field as highlighted in the picture
    Give the group a new name
  5. Click send in the bottom right corner
  6. The smart view will now have a different name in the course menu (1)
    The smartview has a different name
  7. Follow the same steps for the other smartviews to give them more descriptive names in accordance with whom are grading those students.

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