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This article explains how you can create tests and surveys in Blackboard.

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The Difference Between Tests and Surveys #

There are a couple of key differences between tests and surveys. Surveys are always anonymous, so if you want to track each student's answer, you need to make a test. Nevertheless, surveys could be a useful tool to map the student's progression and opinions. Another key difference; you can't choose a right answer in surveys or give points to answers.

Create a test #

  1. Inside your course, you have a Course Management menu to the bottom left. By clicking on Course Tools (1), additional menu links will appear. Click on Tests, Surveys, and Pools (2).
    Find the test tool in the menu
  2. On the new page, click on Tests (1).
    The test tool
  3. Here you will find an overview of the tests in the current course. To create a new test, click on Build test (1).
    Build new test
  4. Give the test a name (1), write description and instructions if relevant (2), and then click Submit (3).
    Giving the test a name
  5. You will noe the the Test Canvas. This is were you add questions to your test. You can either make new questions (1) or reuse questions your have saved in your test pool (2). When you are done making the test, click OK (3).
    The test canvas

Questions #

You can make many different types of questions in Blackboard. To create a new question, hover the pointer over Build Question (1) and click on the question type you wish to use (2).
Creating a new question
An alternative to make new questions, is to reuse questions from your question pool. A key argument for using question pools, is that questions from the question pools can be used on both tests and surveys. Notice that you can't transfer questions from a survey to a test if you have made the questions directly inside the survey tool.
When you have created a question, it will appear in the Test Canvas (1). You can adjust the point value of each question by editing the Points field (2)
Question on the canvas

Make tests available to students #

Tests which are made using the test tool are not immediately available for students.

  1. Navigate to the content area were you wish to publish the test. In this example we will be using the Course work (1) page.
    Course work menu link
  2. Hover the mouse over Assesments (1). On the dropdown menu, click Test (2).
    Clicking on test
  3. From here, you can either create a new test by clicking on Create (1), or add an existing one. In this example, we have already crated a test. Choose the test from Add an Existing Test (2) and then click Submit (3).
    Publish existing test
  4. You will now enter a new page were you can adjust the Test Options. By scrolling on this page, you will find a number of different alternatives for your test. It's important to check the alternatives regarding Test Availability. Here you can decide wether to make the link available (1), number of attempts (2), time limitation (3) and more.
    Test options
  5. Set a due date (1).
    Set a due date
  6. If you wish the test to be a practice test, and not actually accounted for in the grade center, this can be accomplished by unchecking Include this Test in Grade Center score calculations (1) and checking of Hide results for this test completely from the instructor and the Grade Center (2).
    Disclude test
  7. When you are done adjusting the test options, click Submit in the bottom right corner.
  8. The test will now appear in the content area.

Surveys #

Surveys are created in a similar manner as tests, except that you click on Surveys (1) instead of Tests on the course tool page.

Viewing results from a survey #

  1. Go to the Grade Center.
  2. The survey will have a column in the grade center, unless you have chosen otherwise in the survey options. In this example we have made a survey named Vector Spaces. Click on the little arrow next to the column name inside the grade center.
    Column arrow
  3. A dropdown menu will appear. Click on Attempts Statistics (1).
    Attemt statistics
  4. You can now see the results from your survey.
    The attemp statistics page

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