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Discussions forums in Blackboard makes communication easy between students and lecturers, and students inbetween.

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Discussion forums #

By adding discussion forums to the course page, students get the opportunity to colloborate in finding answers to their problems. The forums can also be used as a place for the students to easy communicate with the lecturer.
The main discussion board displays a list of the forums of the course, and the threads belonging to each forum. The forums can be related to a specific content area, a group, or you can link it to the course menu.

This guide will show you how to create discussion forums and how to make them fit to your course. It will also show how discussion forums can be a part of the Grade Center.

In this example we have chosen to make a forum at the Course work content area. It is created to give students a place to ask questions about the tasks for the course work.

Creating a discussion forum #

  1. At first we navigate to the Course work area in the course menu: Where to find course work in the course menu
  2. Under Tools we find Discussion board:Where to find discussion board in the course work area
  3. Here we will have three options for how to create the discussion forum:How to create forums
    • Link to Discusssion Board page (1)
      Makes a link to the main discussion board.
    • Select a Discussion Board Forum (2)
      Makes a link to an already existing forum chosen from the list.
    • Create New Forum (3)
      Creates a new forum.
    • Press Next (4) to continue.
  4. We press Create New Forum and get a new page with choices for how you want to customize your Forum.How to create forums
  5. Set the Name and a Description. The name Questions about the course work gives the students an immediate idea of what this link prowides: Set name and availability
  6. And AvailabilitySet name and availability
  7. Scrolling down, we find Forum settings. This provides us a number of choices: Set name and availability
    • Viewing Threads/Replies (1)
      Here you can choose to make the threads of the forum only accessible to students after they themselves have created a thread.
    • Grade (2)
      Gives you the choice of grading the threads of the students. Ticking this on will generate a new column in the Grade center and the students will be graded according to their contribution to the forum.
    • Subscribe (3)
      Here you can allow students to subscribe to the forum, and to get notifications when there is new activity in the forum.
    • Create and Edit (4)
      Gives you the opportunity to tick different permissions for the students in the forum.
    • Additional Options (5)
      Here you can i.a. give the students the opportunity to rate posts of other students in their group.
  8. Press Send to set up the forum. A purple line at the top indicates that the making of the forum was successful.

The Main Discussion Board #

  1. At Course Managment and Course Tools in the side menu, you will find a link to the Discussion Board. This page displays a list of forums you have created, also those specific for groups:Finding the discussion board
  2. The main Discussion board page provides a list of Discussion boards (1), number of forums (2) to each discussion board, how many participants (3) and posts (4):The discussion board
  3. By clicking the discussion board with the name of the course, we get a list of forums (1) made outside the groups. Here we also recognize the forum we made earlier Questions about the course work, and get a Description (2), the number of Total posts (3), the number of Unread posts (4) and the number of Total participants (5).Finding the discussion board
  4. Clicking our forum gives us a new page with a list of Threads (1) with additional information. We also get the option to Create Threads (2), Grade Discussion Forums (if this has been ticked) and to Subscribe to this forum. Finding the discussion board
  5. Pressing Grade Discussion Forum gives a list of all the students who has contributed to the forum: Finding the discussion board
  6. The Grade button gives us an overview of the contribution from each single student (1), and also to give points (2) and comments (3): Finding the discussion board
  7. Press Submit (4) to grade the students contribution to the forum.
  8. By entering the Grade Center from the Course managment, Questions about the course work is now a part of the grading in the course. Finding the discussion board

Making a link to a Discussion forum in the Side menu #

  1. If you want to make a link to a forum in the Side menu, you first need to make a new forum. Since Questions about the course work is put under Course work, it does not make sence linking this to the main Side menu. Thus, instead, we make a new forum at the Course information page which we name Q&A:Finding the discussion board
  2. After making this we can link it to the Side menu by pressing the plus sign (1) at the top left corner. This gives a pull down menu where we find Course Link (2), which generates a link to another place in the course: Finding the discussion board
  3. In the opening window we can press Browse to get a window (C) with all the folders of the course. We also give the link a Name (B).Finding the discussion board
  4. Our Q&A forum is found under Course information:
    Finding the discussion board
  5. Q&A is now a part of the Side menu:
    Finding the discussion board

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