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This guide shows you how you can create groups, enroll students in groups, and edit or delete groups in your course.

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In Blackboard, you can create groups one at a time or in sets. A group set is a set of groups, a student can only be in one group. A student can be a member of several single groups. After you create a group, you can edit the groups's tools, name, availability and members. Each group has its own homepage with tools to help students collaborate. Only you as an instructor and group members can access the group tools. Read more about group tools here: Groups and tools for group work

Group enrollment methods #

You can enroll students in groups in three ways:

  • Self-Enroll: Allows students to add themselves to a group with a sign-up sheet. Self-enrollment is an option available for both single groups and group sets.
  • Random Enroll: Is available for group sets only. It automatically distributes students into groups based on your settings for maximum members per group or total numbers of groups. Random distribution applies only to students who are currently enrolled in your course. You can enroll additional students manually.
  • Manual Enroll: Allows you to assign each student in your course to a group. Manual enrollment is available for both single groups and group sets.

Create a single group #

  1. To create a single group, navigate to Users and Groups in the Course Management-menu. Click on Groups.

  2. Click on Create(1). In the Single Group list, select Self-enroll or Manual enroll (2).

    Create single group
  3. Type a Name(1) and optional description of the group (2). Make the group visible to students (recommended) (3).

    Group Information
  4. Select the check boxes for the course tools you want to make available to the group. Read more about group tools here: Groups and tools for group work

    Tool availability
  5. If you want to grade students submissions for blogs, wikis, and journals, select Grade option and type 1 in Points possible to grade it with approved/not approved.

    Select tool grading
  6. If you want to allow students to make adjustments on the group's side, press Allow Personalization.

    Allow Personalization

    Then, depending on whether you chose Self - enroll or Manual enroll, do this:
  7. Manual Enroll: Under membership press Add Users to add a student to the group.


    • In this user guide, we have set the search settings to Any, Contains and searched for sutest10. The search result shows all users that contain sutest10. Select the student you want to add, and click on Submit.

      Add users
  8. Self - Enroll: Here you must select settings for sign - up. Give the sign - up sheet a Name (1). Write instructions for registration (2). Set Maximum Number of Members to join the group (3). Check the box for Show Members (4) if you want to allow students to see names of other members in a group before they sign up. Allow students to sign up from the groups listing page (5).

    Sign-up sheet
  9. You can choose to create a smart view for the group. This allows you to track their progress. A smart view is a focused look at the grade center that shows only the columns that match a set of criteria. When the grade center includes a great number of students and columns, you can use smart views to quickly find data.

    Smart view

    Read more about smart views on Blackboards own help-site: Smart View
  10. When you are ready to create the group, click on Submit. The new group will appear on the Group-side.

    Group side

Create a group set #

To create more than one group at a time, you can create a Group Set. Use the same steps as creating a single group.

On the groups page, select Create. In the Group set list, select Self-enroll, Manual enroll or Random enroll.

Group sets

Then, based on the enrollment option you chose, you can choose from these:

  1. Self-Enroll:Type a name and instructions for the group. Enter the Maximum Number of Members in the groupset (1) and Number of Groups you want to create (2). Select any other options you want to include.

    Self Enrollment
  2. Random Enroll: Type the Number of Students per Group and/or the Number of Groups you want to create (1). Select an option to Determine how to enroll any remaining members in the groups (2).

    Random enrollment
  3. Manual Enroll: Under group set options type the Number of Groups you want to create (1), press Submit (2).

    Number of groups

    On the next page, select Add Users for each group to make your selection.

    Add users to group

Manage groups #

On the groups listing page (1), you can create groups as well as edit and manage them. Each group's menu provides quick access to the group homepage and group email. You can also access the options to edit group properties, delete groups, and create smart views (2). When you edit a group, you can add or remove members as well as change its name, availability and tools.

Group menu

Remove a group member #

Only course instructors can remove group members. Students can't remove themselves or other students from a group.

  1. On the group page, select Edit Group in the group's drop-down menu.

    Edit Group
  2. On the Edit Group page, select the X in a member's row to remove the user from the group. Select Remove All Users to delete all members from a group.

    Delete member of group
  3. Select Submit.

The group member is now removed from the group. To verify that a user has been removed, go to the group homepage to check the list of members.

Delete a group #

You can delete a group you no longer need.

  1. On the Group page, select Delete Group in the drop-down menu.

    Delete group
  2. Confirm by clicking OK. This action is final and cannot be undone.

    Confirm delete group
  3. You get a choice to retain any group-related grade columns that exist in the grade center, such as gradable group blogs, journals or wikis. On the delete confirmation page, don't select the check boxes for any columns that you need to preserve.

    Delete grade columns

Group Settings #

  1. On the Group page, click on the button Group Settings.

    Group Settings
  2. You can allow students to create their own self-enrollment group from the groups listing page. You can also permit students to edit student created groups.

    Student Created Groups

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