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In this wiki we will show you how to add staff to a course, and how to change a user's role and availability in a course.

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Adding staff to a course #

Courses are automatically created in Blackboard based on information in FS (Felles Studentsystem). Teachers are added to a course based on this information (which in turn is fetched from Emner på Nett). In other words, if a person is added to a course within FS, they will automatically be added to the course in Blackboard.

However, it is possible to manually add staff to courses within Blackboard, as long as they are registered as employees at NTNU and have a valid FEIDE-user.

Roles #

When you add staff to a course, you can choose between two roles: Teacher (Underviser) and Teaching assistant (Læringsassistent).

The roles have different rights within Blackboard. The main difference is that a teaching assistant is not able to add users to a course, or change the roles of users in the course. Use the role you need.

  1. To enroll a teacher, go to Users in the Course Management Menu of your course.

    Adding staff to a course - Users
  2. In the next window, click Find Users to Enroll.

    Find users to enroll
  3. If you don't know the username for the person to be added, you can search for it. Click Browse.

    Browse to find users
  4. In the window that shows up you can search for users based on various criteria. In the first dropdown menu you can choose if you wish to search using the person's Username, First Name, Last Name or Email.

    Choose if you want to search for username, first name, last name or email
  5. In the second dropdown you decide if what you chose in the first dropdown menu either Contains, is Equal to or Starts with what you write in the text field (Not blank returns all users in Blackboard).

    Choose if the results should contain, equal to or start with you search word
  6. Choose a good combination, e.g. Last Name and Equal to. Enter the last name and press Go. You will then see a list of the users that match your search word and criteria.

    Search for user

    If you can't find the user you are looking for, you must contact your local Blackboard or FS-contact at your department. They are able to check if the person is properly registered in FS or Paga (the HR-system).
  7. Tick the user you want to add (1) and press Submit (2).

    Select user from list
  8. After you have chosen the user you have to give the user a role. Press the dropdown menu next to Role and chose the role the user should have.

    Assign user role
  9. The user has now been added, and you can find it in the list of users.

Change User's Role in a Course #

It is possible to change the role of a user in a course.

  1. Go to the Control Panel and click Users (under Users and Groups).

    Go to users under the control panel
  2. Find the user whose role you wish to change. Click on the Options menu next to the user's name and select Change User's Role in Course.

    Change user's role in course
  3. In the next window, select the correct role for the user and press Submit to save.

    Change Users's role in a course - Step 2

    The Role has now been edited.

    User role is now changed in list of users

Change User's Availability in a Course #

If an employee no longer needs access to a course, you can change their availability-status.


  • Changes to availability will only apply to the selected course.
  • Changes to a teacher's availability will only work if the teacher was manually added til the course in Blackboard (not through FS).
  • It is not possible for staff to delete users from a course. Changing a teacher's availbaility means the teacher will not be able to access the course room.
  • If you set the availability status for a user to No, all assessments made by this user will also be deleted.
  • A student's access to a course can only be changed in FS.
  1. Go to Course Management > Users and Groups > Users. Click on the Options menu next to the user's name, and select Change User's Availability in Course.

    Change user availability in course - Step 1
  2. Select No in the drop-down menu next to Available, and click Submit to save changes.

    Change user availability in course - Step 2
  3. In the list of all Users in the course, you will now see that the User's availability status has changed to No.

    Status availability set to No

Adding students and teaching assistants to a course #

Students #

Students must not be added manually to courses in Blackboard. Students are automatically given access to their courses after they have confirmed their Study plan on Studentweb, and paid the student fee. Note that it might take a couple of hours before the information in FS is updated and the student is added to the course. Students who have problems getting access to their courses in Blackboard can contact the Orakel Support Services.

Teaching Assistans #

If you wish to add teaching assistants to a course, there are certain things you need to be aware of.

  • If the person is registered as a student in the course, but is supposed to do the work as a teaching assistant at the same time, the role of this students needs to be changed in FS (Felles Studentsystem). The reason for this is that the information in FS will overwrite whatever is registered in Blackboard whenever a new integration happens.
  • If you are unable to add the user as a teaching assistant, it could be because the student has previously been registered in the course, but later withdrew. In this case, contact your local FS contact.
  • If the student's only role in the course is that of a teaching assistant, you can add them manually in Blackboard (as explained in this wiki).

See also #

Contact #

Orakel Support Services can help if you have questions or if you encounter difficulties.

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