Blackboard - Course introduction for students

This wiki contains general advice for lecturers when introducing Blackboard for students at the start of the semester.

Norsk versjon - Blackboard - Introduksjon av emnet til studenter

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Blackboard is the new eLS (e-Learning System) at NTNU. Some employees and students have been participating in Blackboard-pilots (Autumn 2016 and Spring 2017). Blackboard will therefore be new to most employees and students from the Autumn 2017 term. To make the transition easier for both lecturers and students, we recommend considering some of the listed advice in this wiki. 

Introducing your Blackboard Course #

Course Design can be different in courses at NTNU. We therefore advise lectureres to show students how their course have been organised, and where students can find:

  • Reading material (Documents, Slides and external resources)
  • Assignments and Tests
  • etc.

Blackboard App for Students #

Encourage your students to download the Blackboard app for students.
Read more Blackboard - App for Students.

Presentation Resources #

Assessment at NTNU #

Note: We advice lecturers to set up multiple submission tries for students in assignments.
Read more about assignments and multiple tries.

Formative assessment in Blackboard

Assessment in Blackboard must comply with the course description. This means that formative assessment (compulsory assignments) usually is graded as Approved/Not Approved (Godkjent/Ikke godkjent) in Blackboard, unless it is otherwise described in the course description. 

Summative Assessment

Inspera is the Digital Exam tool at NTNU. Read more about Digital Exams here Digital Exam 

See also #

Contact #

Orakel Support Services can help if you have any questions or difficulties.

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