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This guide shows you how to fetch content from My Content and use it in a course. It also shows you how to copy and move items from one content area to another.

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Course content #

All courses have their own storage areas. All files that are uploaded directly into a course (e.g. by adding it to an element) are stored in the course's Course Content folder. Every teacher in the course have access to all the files in Course Content.

My Content #

Just like every course in Blackboard has its own storage area, so do all teachers have their own storage area called My Content. The intent behind My Content is to make it easier for teachers to reuse files across courses. Files that are uploaded to My Content are only accessible by you, but can be used in all the courses where you are registered as a teacher. Read more about My content here: Upload files to My content.

Finding My Content #

You can always access My Content through the main navigation menu by clicking Mine filer (My files):

My Content in the Main Menu

It is also possible to get to My Content through the Control Panel, under Content Collection > [Your Name] Content.

My Content through the Control Panel

Inside My Content you can also quickly navigate to the Course Content areas of your courses by clicking on Course Content in the left menu.

Navigating to Course Content

My Content also has a search function that can help you find files.

Search function in My Content

Using files from My Content in courses #

Files in My Content can easily be shared with students by including it in a content area. It can be shared by linking to the file (by creating a File), or to add it as an attachment/picture to an Item.

  1. Find the content area where you want to use the file from My Content. In this example we will create a new Item in the content area Learning materials. Under Build Content, click Item.

    Create an element
  2. Give the item a Name, and a description in Text (as you do with all items). Scroll down to Attachements and click Browse Content Collection.

    Add attachement by browsing content collection

    You will automatically be taken to that course's Content Collection. Navigate to My Content by hovering your cursor over Browse, and click My Content.

    Navigate to My Content
  3. Select the file you want to include in the content area (A), and click Submit (B). The file will then be added as an attachement.

    Find the file you wish to add
  4. When you are done with the item, and have clicked Submit, the file will be visible as a link in the item.

    Link to file in the item

Copying, moving and deleting content #

Content can easily be moved, copied and deleted by teachers in a course. It is also possible to copy and move content between courses where you are registered as a teacher.

Copying content #

Content can be copied from one content area to another within the same course, and from one course to another. This way, you can easily transfer content from one semester to another. By copying an item from one place to another, the original item is retained.

NB! It is not possible to copy items with assessements (tests, surveys, assignmenets, etc.) using the method described in this guide. It is only possible to move them from one content area to another within the same course (see the next topic on moving).

If you want to copy tests, surveys or assignmenets you have to use the Export/Archive Course tool found under Course Management. See Export and copy courses to find out how to copy tests.

  1. Find the item you want to copy. In the Quick menu (1), click Copy (2).

    Copy in the quick menu
  2. Under Destination you decide where the item should be copied to.

    • In Destination Course you select the course you want to copy the element to (it will automatically say the course you are already in).
    • In Destination folder you select which content area you want to add the item to.
  3. Click Browse... Find the correct content area and click the name to select it:

    Find the content area in the content overview
  4. Under Attachements and embedded links you can choose what should be done with any attached files.

    Attachements and embedded files
    • Copy links to attached and embedded files will only copy the links to the attachements. The files will still only be saved in the original Course Content folder of the source course.
    • Include links and make copies of attached and embedded files will create a copy of the files in the Course Content area of the target course.
  5. Click Submit to copy the file.

Moving content #

Moving content is done the same way as copying. The difference is only that the original content is deleted (If the content includes any attachements however, these files remain in the storage area where they were uploaded).

Tests, surveys and assignments can be moved between content areas within the same course, as this will not affect the columns in the Grade Center.

  1. Find the item you want to move. In the Quick menu, click Move.

    Choose move in the quick menu
  2. Select the desired Destination Course and Destination Folder the same way as when copying (see above), and click Submit.

Deleting content #

NB! A deleted item is unrecoverable! Only files saved in a Content Collection, like My Content or Course Content, can be recovered. This means that if you delete an Item, a Learning Module or a Folder containing sub-folders or other items, you will not be able to recover them. Be absolutely sure that you want to delete the item before you do it.

  1. Find the item you want to delete. In the Quick menu, click Delete.

    Find delete in the quick menu
  2. Click OK in the pop-up window.

    Confirm deletion of content

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