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This wiki shows how you can change your personal settings like privacy, language and personal settings.

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Change personal settings #

You can change various personal settings in Blackboard. You can change settings like language and privacy. This can be done from the global navigation menu at the top-right corner of your screen.

Click your name and choose Settings, and then choose Personal Information.


A new window will appear with the following options:

Personal information

  1. Edit Personal Information
    Here you will find information about yourself, such as name, username and e-mail. 
  2. Personalize My Settings
    Here you can add a profile picture (avatar image). You can also limit which courses or organizations that will be shown in your Home-tab (Hjem-fanen), under My Courses and My Organizations.
  3. Change Personal Settings
    Here you can change the Language Pack, which calendar standard to use, and whether you want to see all page instructions in the system. Note that changing the Language Pack does not translate the written content in Blackboard. Certain menus, such as the main menu, are also not changed.
  4. Set Privacy Options
    Here you can choose the information you want others to see.

Quick link to change language #

In the Home tab (Hjem-fanen) you will find a Norwegian and an English flag. Clicking on one of these flags will take you directly to the Change Personal Settings-page where you can change the language.


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Contact #

Orakel Support Services can help if you have questions or if you encounter difficulties.

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