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On this page you will find information about announcements, notifications and the calendar in Blackboard.

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Announcements, notifications and the calendar in Blackboard can provide students with useful information regarding your courses in Blackboard.

Announcements #

Announcements are used to publish information to the students in a course.

Find announcements #

You can find announcements in several ways in Blackboard:

  1. Via Hjem (Home):
    By clicking the Hjem (Home)-tab (1) in the top menu you can get an overview of the annoucements in your courses.

    Click the Home-button to get an overview of your announcements.
  2. Via the global navigation menu:

    You can enter the global navigation menu by clicking the small arrow (1) in the upper right corner. Click Tools (2) followed by Announcements (3):

    Click the small arrow to enter the navigation menu, then click Tools followed by Announcements to get an overview of your announcements.

    This opens the Announcements page.

    Overview of Announcements.
  3. Via Course front page:
    On the Course front page you can find course specific announcements:

    Course specific announcements on the course front page.
  4. Via the Blackboard-app for students:
    You can also find your announcements in the Blackboard-app for students.
    Read more about it here: Blackboard app for students.

Manage My Announcements module settings #

By clicking the Gear-icon (1) you can change the settings for announcements.

Click the gear-icon in the My Announcements module to manage settings.

This opens the Personalize: My Announcements page.

Edit wich announcements to show.

Here you can choose for how long new announcements are displayed in the module. Save changes by clicking Submit (3).

Notifications #

Blackboard produces timely notifications of what is happening in your courses, including new content, surveys and due dates for tests and assignments.

Find notifications #

  1. By clicking the Varsler (Notifications) (1)-tab in the top menu you get an overview of all notifications:

    Notifications in the To Do-module and the What's New-module.
  2. By clicking the Course front page (1) you get an overview of course specific notifications in the What's New-module (A) and To Do-module (B).

    Overview of course specific notifications: What's New- and To Do-module.

    Note that some lecturers may have reorganized their Course front page. If you do not find notifications for this course, please ask your lecturer.

Edit Notification Settings #

By clicking Edit notification settings (1) in the What's New-module on the course front page you can edit the settings for your notifications.

Click Edit Notification Settings in the What's New-module.

This opens the Edit Notification Settings page where you can select the following: Edit General Settings (A), Edit Individual Course Settings (B), Bulk Edit Notification Settings (C) and Edit Individual Organization Settings (D).

Overview of possible selections for editing of notification settings.

  1. Edit General Settings (A):
    By clicking Edit General Settings the General Settings page opens. Here you can select and manage notifications for due dates in courses and organisations.

    By selecting Yes (1) you can enter a number in the text field for number of days before you would like a reminder about due dates in Courses or Organizations. Select No (2) if you don't want a reminder. Click Submit (3) to save.

    Overview of selections and editing of notifications in Courses and Organizations.
  2. Edit Individual Course Settings (B):
    Under Edit Individual Course settings you can edit individual course notification settings. For example you can choose to receive a notification on your phone if an assignemt is past due. Click Submit (1) to save.

  3. Bulk Edit Notification Settings (C):
    By clicking Courses I am taking under Bulk Edit Notification Settings you can edit the notification settings for several courses simultaneously.

    Click Courses I am taking under Bulk Edit Notification Settings.

    Select courses from the Items to Select-box (A) and move them to the Selected Items-box (B) by clicking the arrow to the right (1). You can undo your selection by clicking the arrow to the left (2). Under Settings you can select desired notification settings for each notification. You can choose to receive a notification on your Dashboard and/or Mobile. Save by clicking Submit (3).

    Select the courses you would like to edit notification settings for and select desired notifications.
  4. Edit Individual Organization Settings (D):
    Here, you can see and edit notification settings for organizations in which you are enrolled.
    You need to be enrolled in one or more organizations to access this menu. Here you can also select desired notification settings for Dashboard and Mobile. Save by clicking Submit.

Blackboard Calendar #

Use the Calendar to keep track of upcoming assignments, events, and other due dates.

Find calendar #

You can access the calendar from:

  1. The Course Front Page:
    You can access the calendar by clicking the calendar (1)-icon in the Snarveier/Quick links-module on the course front page:

    Click on the calendar-icon in hthe Quick links-module.
  2. The Global navigation menu:
    You can also access the calendar from the global navigation menu by clicking the calendar (1)-icon:

Overview #

Calendar Overview.

  1. Select Calendar View: Day, Week or Month.
  2. List of Course Calendars:  Tick the courses you want to show in the calendar.
  3. Add Calendar Events: Lets you add new events to your calendar.
  4. Due dates: Open assignments and tests directly from the calendar.
  5. iCalendar: Get a link to import your Blackboard calendar into your personal calendar outside of Blackboard.
    NB! The calendar only shows events created by you or your lecturers.

Course Schedules on Innsida #

You can find your Course schedules by logging on to Innsida and clicking Course SchedulesLog in to Innsida

Course schedules students NTNU

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