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This page shows how you can organise and adjust the Course Menu in Blackboard Learn.

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The course menu is on the left side of your course window, and is the cornerstone of your course page. You can rename, reorder, delete, hide, and add element to the menu as you see fit, but we recommend you keep most of the default structure. That way, students will already be familiar with the layout and may find it easier to navigate your course.

  1. To find your course menu, go to Hjem (Home) and choose a course from My Courses.

    Choose course

    When you open a course for the first time, the course menu will have a default layout. Read more about the default menu layout here.
  2. Make sure Edit Mode is on.

    Edit mode

The course menu elements #

On the left side of the window you can see the menu. To see the different components that can be added to the course menu, hover your mouse over the plus-icon in the top left corner.

  1. Content area (A): Content areas are top-level course areas and are where all your course content should go. Pages such as Course work and Sources and syllabus in the default menu layout are content areas. After you create a content area, you can add content to it, such as learning materials, assignments, videos, learning modules, etc. Read more about adding content and content areas here.
  2. Module page (B): A module page is a specialised content page that presents content in boxes. You can only add modules to a module page, which are predefined by the system. The Home Page is a module page with modules such as My Announcements and Needs Attention have been added. The system automatically generates the information in each module. Note that a Module page is not the same as a Learning module.
  3. Blank Page (C): A blank page is a single page where you can create a multimodal text. Read more about blank pages here.
  4. Tool link (D): Creates a link to a tool in your course, such as the calendar, discussion board or journals. This can also be a direct link to a Blackboard Colalborate or other online lectures. Read more about available tools here.
  5. Web link (E): Creates a link to an outside source.
  6. Course link (F): Creates a shortcut to an item, tool, or content area in your course for quick access to relevant materials.
  7. Subheader (G): The subheader lets you add a title to the menu. You can group related links below a subheader to help students find information.
  8. Divider: (H): A divider is a line you can use to visually divide the course menu into sections. After you create a divider, you can move anywhere in the menu.

How to change the order of elements #

You can organise the course menu components in two ways.

  1. Drag and drop
    Click on the link you wish to move, and drag it to where you want it. If you experience problems with this, either try to make your browser window smaller (don't use full screen), or changing your browser to Google Chrome.

    Manage course menu elements
  2. The reordering tool (1)
    To reorder the links, select link (2), and use the small arrows (3) to move links up or down. Press Submit (4) to save your changes.

    Organize menu

How to hide, show or rename an element #

  1. To rename an element, click on the menu next to the element name and select Rename (1).

    Rename element in course menu

    Enter the new name and click on the green check mark.

    Save the new element name
  2. To hide the element from students, go to the same menu and select Hide Link. You will then see a gray box with a slash through it next to the element name (1). This indicates that the element/link is hidden.

    Hide link in course menu
  3. To show link again, go to the same menu and select Show Link.

It can be practical to add certain tool links to the course menu to make it easier to navigate. For example the group tool. Though the students can access the group tool through the Quick-Links on the Course front page, but many find it easier to have the link always accessible in the Course menu.

  1. To add a link to the group tool, hover your mouse over the plus-icon in the top left corner and choose Tool Link.

    tool link in course menu
  2. Give the link a descriptive Name, e.g. Groups. In the Type dropdown menu, choose Groups.
    If you want to make it accessible to students right away, check the Available to Users box.

    Name and type
  3. Press Submit when you are done. You will then be able to see the link on the bottom of the course menu list.

How to delete elements #

When you delete an element from the course menu, you lose the whole internal structure you made inside the element. All uploaded files can still be found in Mitt Innhold (My Content), but texts that have only been published in the element, and your organisation of the files within the element, will be lost. If you are unsure about whether you need the element or not, you can simply hide it from the students before .

It is easy to remove an element from the course menu.

  1. Click on the element menu, and choose Delete.

    Deleting an element from the course menu

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