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This article explains how to add third party applications in Blackboard.

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Blackboard gives you the opportunity to add third party applications, (applications from other developers than Blackboard), into your course page. Such applications could be used to make the course page more interactive. This article merely demonstrates the process, and will not show all possible options.

The MazeMap tutorial will give you a general idea of how to add a third party application to your course page.

Show lecture hall in MazeMap #

For new students it is often useful to have an interactive map which shows were the lectures will be held.

  1. First, we must find MazeMap's embed code. Go to MazeMap's website
  2. You can choose campus on the left hand side, and search for specific room numbers in the search field at the top center of the page.When you have selected a room, click on the square with an arrow (1). In this example we will be using the room R1 at Realfagsbygget, Gløshaugen.
    The share button
  3. A box will appear. Click on Embed Map (1) and then copy the code in the text field (2).
    The embed code
  4. Now, go to your Blackboard course, and enter a content area, for example Course information.
    The course information link
  5. Click on Build Content (1) and then on item (2).
    Build item
  6. After filling in the name, click on the icon for embedded media (1).
    The embed button
  7. In the Type field, select iframe.
    Select iframe in the type field
  8. Click on Source, delete the existing text and paste the code from MazeMap into the text field.
    Pasting the code
  9. Navigate back to the General tab (1) and see whether the map has been added (2). If it looks fine, click Insert (3).
    Checking the general tab
  10. We are now back in the item, and a yellow box (1) will appear inside the text fields.
    The yellow box
  11. When you are done finishing up your item click Submit to the bottom right.
  12. You now have an interactive map displaying the lecture hall's location, placed under Course information.

In a similar manner, you can integrate most third party applications, as long as you have an iframe-code.

OneNote Class Notebook #

OneNote Class Notebook is a third party application which is available directly in Blackboard.

  1. Go to your Blackboard course's page, and enter a content area; e.g. Learning materials.
  2. Click on Tools (1), More Tools (2) and then on OneNote Class NoteBook (3).
    OneNote inside of Blackboard
  3. Give the NoteBook a fitting Link Name and click Send.
  4. The OneNote link has now been created, but it is not ready for usage yet. To start the configuration, click on the title of your notebook.
  5. You will now enter a page were you must approve the usage of OneNote, since it's an external application. To approve it, click Launch.
    Approving OneNOte
  6. You will now be asked to login to OneNote. Click on Sign in to OneNote (1).
    Logg inn knapp
  7. You will now get a confirmation that the notebook is being created. Click Next (1).
    Notatblokk opprettet
  8. It is possible to share the notebook with other lecturers by pasting their emails into the text field (1), but this is optional. Click Next (1).
    Mulighet for å dele notatblokken
  9. On this page, choose the first option, Automatically add students from your LMS as they access this notebook (1). Then click Next (2).
    Alternativer for studenter
  10. You can now edit the sections of the notebook. Choose the predefined sections you wish to use (1), or optionally add your own by clicking Add section (2). When you are finished, click Next (3).
    Inndeling av notatblokka
  11. You are now ready to create the notebook. Click Create (1).
    Opprette notatboka
  12. The software will now spend a couple of seconds configuring the notebook. This screen will appear:
    Konfigurerer OneNote
  13. The notebook is now ready. To see the new notebook, click either Open in OneNote (1) or Open in OneNote Online (2). Use the latter if you don't have OneNote installed on your computer. You can also install the desktop extension by clicking Download the Class Notebook Add-in (3).
    Notatblokken er ferdig
  14. Next time you open the OneNote Notebook inside Blackboard, you will arrive at a NoteBook splash screen. To open the notebook, click Open your Class' Notebook (1).Åpne klassenotatblok

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