Blackboard - Add contact information for lecturers

This guide explains how to add contact information for lecturers and others with lecturing or counselling responsibility in Blackboard.

Norsk versjon - Legge til faglærers kontaktinformasjon

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Why use the contacts tool #

The contacts tool makes it easier for students to find people with important roles such as lecturers, teaching assistants and others, by providing a quick overview of relevant contact details such as name, office hours, e-mail and other relevant details.

Creating a new contact #

  1. Start by clicking on Course tools (1) followed by Contacts (2) in the Course Management-menu on the left hand side.

    Add contacts in the left menu.
  2. Create a new contact by clicking Create contact (1), notice that Edit mode (2) must be "ON" in order to get this alternative.

    Click on Create contact. Make sure that Edit mode is ON.
  3. You can now add the desired profile information. Note that fields marked with a star () are mandatory. You can add the following information:
    • Title, First Name, Last Name, Email and Work Phone (1).
    • Fill inn Office Location (max 225 characters) (2).
    • Office hours (max 225 characters) (3).
    • In Notes you can add other information that you think should be available for the students (max 225 characters) (4).
    • Students will only be able to see the profile if "Make the Profile Available" is checked as "Yes" (5).
    • A Profile Image (6) can be attached to make it easier for students to recognize the person. This is highly recommended especially for courses with multiple instructors and teaching assistants.
    • You can also add a link to your personal homepage if you wish (7). This is a good place to insert a link to your Innsida employee profile page (https://www.ntnu.edu/employees/[username]).
    • Click Submit (8) to create the contact.

      Configure new contact.
  4. A purple line will inform you that the contact has been successfully created.

    Contact successfully created.

Editing a contact #

  1. To edit a contact, click on the small arrow (1)-icon next to the profile name, then click Edit (2).

    Edit contact by clicking the small arrow followed by edit.

    This will take you back to the same page you used to create the contact.

Creating a contacts folder #

If there are many contacts in a course, you may want to sort them into folders, e.g. by role. 

  1. To create a new folder, open the Contacts-page , then click Create Folder (1).

    Create folder on the contacts page.
  2. Add folder name:
    • Click the small arrow (1) to open the dropdown-menu and select one of the alternatives or Add text below (2) to fill in a name (3).
    • Make the folder available for students by checking yes (4), and then click Send (5).

      Click the small arrow to open the dropdown-menu and select one of the alternatives; Contacts, Teaching Assistants, Guest Lecturers or Add tect below to fill in a name.

      Make the folder available by checking Yes and click Send.

Rearranging the order of contacts #

  1. Rearranging the order of contacts can be done by simply dragging and dropping the contact (1) or by clicking on the up-down arrow (2) on the top right corner.

    Change the order of contacts by using a drag-and-drop method or by clicking the arrows.

Checking if the contact is visible to students #

A quick way to check if the added contact is visible to the students is to set Edit mode to OFF. Another way to check is to enter Student Preview. See Student preview and edit mode for more information.

See also #

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