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Blackboard - Adaptive release of content

Blackboard's adaptive release tool allows you to set specific criteria for making content available to students.

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Adaptive Release #

The adaptive release tool allows you to control the release of content to students based on

  • date and time
  • students' identity or group membership
  • results on assessed course work
  • whether content has been marked as reviewed

These instructions show you how to create and edit criteria for the release of content. You are also shown how you can create rules for release based on a combination of criteria.

Restrictions based on date and time  #

When building course content in Blackboard the Standard options allow you to subject it to date and time restrictions, via Select Date and Time Restrictions. This can be useful e.g. when you prefer to make content available to students at given dates/times.

Note: We do not recommend setting Display Until dates unless there is specific reasons for doing so. When students can see and submit assignments after the set due date, lecturers will be notified about late submissions in the Grade Center, sparing them from the extra work of re-opening for submissions from any students who had valid reasons to be overdue.

Standard options for adaptive release

Settings for Adaptive Release #

To access the adaptive release options for content within Blackboard you must:    

  1. Press the menu icon for the selected content, and select Adaptive Release:
     Adaptive release, access through menu icon

You should now see the standard options fro Date, Membership, Grade and Review Status:

  • Date (A)
    Enables date and time restrictions on the selected content.
  • Membership (B)
    Enables access for specific groups or students within a course.
  • Grade (C)
    Gives access to students based on results from graded activities within the course.
  • Review Status (D)
    Students are given access when ticking of  "Reviewed" on specified course content.

Adaptive Release Options - Date, Membership, Grade, Review Status

To give adapted access to one or several groups, you have to select the group(s) you want to publish the content to. Use the Ctrl-button to select several groups. When you have selected a group, it becomes blue (1). To choose these groups, click on the arrow to the right (2).

Two groups selected

The groups you chose are now in the list Selected items, and the content you chose will now only be available to them.

The chosen groups highlighted under Selected Elements

Advanced Settings #

Under the advanced settings you may create your own rules for adaptive release. A rule is a set of criteria, all of which must be met for a particular piece of content to be visible to users. Add criteria to a rule to create more restrictions on user access. It is possible to create several rules, in which case the user only needs to comply with the criteria of one of them.

To access the Advanced Adaptive Release Options for content within Blackboard you have to:  

  1. Press the menu icon for the selected content, and select Adaptive Release: Advanced:
     Edit Standard Options - Step 1

In this window you will see the rules created for this content. To create a new rule with a set of criteria:

  1. Select Create Rule in the menu bar:Adaptive Release: Advanced - Create Rule
  2. Specify a name for the rule and press Submit:

    Adaptive Release: Advanced - Create Rule
  3. Select Create Criteria and select criteria type

    Create Criteria Options

    This procedure allows you to combine criteria for the adaptive release of content. 
  4. When you are done adding criteria, press OK ot return to the overview of rules. 
  5. You can now add another rule by repeating the above process. If you wish to add, change or delete criteria in an existing rule, press Edit Criteria in the rule contextual menu:
    Screen shot: Edit criteria

Examples #

By using these settings you can make content exclusively available:

  • for students whose obligatory assignments are accepted.
  • for students whose obligatory assignments are not accepted.
  • for student groups belonging to certain campuses.
  • after a certain date and time.

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