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This wiki shows how content can be made available for students when adaptive release have been activated by lecturers.

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Adaptive Release can be used to define criteria for availability on learning resources such as e.g. reading material, tests and assignments in Blackboard.

Adaptive Release Criteria #

Lecturers can define the following criteria, and it is also possible to set a combination of the below mentioned criteria:

Date #

Content will be available and visible for students at a given date and time.

Membership #

Content is made available to selected groups or students within a course.

Grade #

Content is made available based on results from graded activities within the course.

Review Status #

Students are given access when ticking of "Reviewed" on specified course content.

Adaptive release - Standard settings - Date, Membership, Grade, Review Status

Mark Content Reviewed #

If your lecturer has set a review status criteria for adaptive release, students will only get access to the defined content after ticking of Mark Reviewed on selected content as shown in the picture below:
Mark content as reviewed

Problems accessing course content? #

  1. Try refreshing your page
  2. Open Blackboard in a different browser (Chrome or Firefox usually work best with Blackboard)
  3. Contact your lecturer or teaching assistant

See also #

Contact #

Orakel Support Services can help if you have any questions or difficulties.

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