Appraisal interviews for managers

Annual appraisal interviews must be conducted to provide follow-up for NTNU’s employees. The appraisal interview is regarded as a combined tool for employee development and for assessment and surveys of the work environment.

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An open and personal tone between the employee and the manager is a hallmark of a good appraisal interview. The interview should focus on work and development and should highlight initiatives and actions that the manager and/or the employee can change, solve or influence.

Focus on the individual employee #

The appraisal interview must be adapted to the unit’s situation and the need to make it useful and meaningful for both parties. Topics such as the work environment and career development for academic staff must be included.

Each interview must also have a focus on the individual employee, and his or her day-to-day work.

Apart from this, the head of each unit is free to tailor the form and content of the appraisal interview, based on the checklists below. You should go through the checklists and pick out relevant points. Then send these points to the employee before the interview.

Checklists for appraisal interviews #

Checklist for appraisal interview
Postdoc:  Checklist for appraisal interview  - postdoc
Employed PhD candidates:Checklist for appraisal interview - PhD candidates

Other relevant information #

Tips for practical implementation of the appraisal interview 

Read about the appraisal interview for employees

Areas of responsibility for managers #

As a manager with responsibility for human resources, you are responsible for the process around the appraisal interview within your work area. You are responsible for ensuring that all staff members are offered an appraisal interview, and that the actions that have been agreed are followed up between the regular appraisal interviews.

This applies to both permanent and temporary employees who have their main job at NTNU over a considerable period.

Do you manage a large group of employees? #

If you have formal personnel responsibility for a large group of employees, in some cases it is necessary to delegate the appraisal interviews to other managers in your unit.

The manager to whom you delegate the responsibility should then be familiar with the employee’s work situation. Problems and actions should be addressed further when necessary.

Follow-up by staff with HR responsibility #

If you are a manager and the task of conducting appraisal interviews has been delegated to you, you have a right and duty to ensure that both the process and the results are followed up by the person with responsibility for human resources.

Conflicts and duty of notification (whistleblowing) #

Serious conflicts and problems must be taken up immediately with the immediate superior. Remember that as a manager you are subject to regulations on notification (whistleblowing), if you discover illegal or problematic conditions.

Salaries as a topic of the appraisal interview #

Salary can be discussed as a topic of the appraisal interview. Note that all employees are entitled to an independent meeting about their salary and career development, in addition to the appraisal interview. 

Duty to cooperate #

All staff members must participate in appraisal interviews arranged for them. The employee may bring an employee representative or other third party to the appraisal interview.

International employees #

Read more about appraisal interviews with international employees here.  You can also get help from International Researcher Support at NTNU, email: staff.international@adm.ntnu.no.

Legislation #

Working Environment Act Section 2-4

Statens personalhåndbok (the Personnel Handbook for State Employees) Section 22

Hovedavtalen i staten [Basic agreement for the civil service] Section 12

Working Environment Act Section 4-2 (c)  

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