Apply for project establishment grants

This page contains application forms and guidance on applying for project establishment grants (PES), specifically EU applications to the Horizon Europe, ERA-NET COFUND, JTI-JU, Eurostars-2 grants, COST etc.

Project establishment grants (PES) are awarded continuously throughout the year from NTNU’s strategic funding and a block grant from the Research Council of Norway (RCN). NTNU employees must apply to the NTNU administration for PES grants. Before they are sent in, PES applications need to be approved by the department or unit leader.

See also: Horizon Europe

På norsk: Søk om prosjektetableringsstøtte

Who can apply? #

Scientific staff may apply for grants on a topic encompassed by Horizon Europe or other, peripheral projects. PES grants are not award to researchers for exploratory applications.

Application forms #

Download the PES application form for EU applications with deadlines in 2021 and 2022 (xls) V.18, 02.02.2021

Remember to:

  • Contact your local EU advisor for help writing the application.
  • Send the PES application before the costs of your project have started running. (local link)
  • The head of department or unit must approve the application (link to chapter).

Help filling out the application #

The fields of the application form are explained on the form. Hold your mouse over the text in column B to see the description.

Applications must contain: #

  • The topic identity (Call Id. ex. SC5-13-2018).
  • A short description of the project’s goal, its type (RIA, IA, CSA, MSCA, etc) and what topic the application is for, with the application deadline.
  • A budget with personal costs connected to the application preparations.
  • Current and potential partners.
  • A clear description of the applications role and responsibilities in the project. It must be made clear if NTNU is coordinating the project.  

Send the application #

When the application is completed and the head of department has approved it, it should be sent to your local EU coordinator. The EU coordinator with complete the process of sending in and filing the application.

What projects are supported? #

Projects in EU’s Horizon Europe, activities within framework programs such as Joint Technology Initiatitves (JTI/JU), ERA-NET COFUND, and §185 activities such as EUROSTARS-2, GMES and Galileo are all supported.

Contact your EU adviser for more information about grants for long-term initiatives.

What can be expensed? #

The following items can be included in the budget post of the application form:

  • Expenses related to searching for partners or establishing a project consortium.
  • NTNU employees’ travel expenses.
  • External assistance and guidance.
  • Buying time for personnel. The salary of employees with tenure at NTNU is not covered.
    • Buying time covers the salary of temporary employees who cover the duties of the person who has been bought time.
    • Indirect costs need to be added to the salary costs of the temporary personnel. This only applies to personnel who are temporarily employed at NTNU (postdocs, PhD, etc), and not to external consultants.

The own funding is automatically generated in the application form.

Size of the grant #

More information about the maximum amounts for your application (In Norwegian)

Payment of support #

When the application has been processed, you will receive an result letter. Based on this letter, your local project economist will establish a project number where the expenses for the PES project can be charged.

The next step #

Expenses must be accounted as quickly as possible, and sent in by the end of the year. A PES report describing how the grant was used should also be sent in by the end of the year.

See also #

Research project administration

Contact information #

EU advisers at NTNU

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