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What follows is information and guidance on applying for a disability pension.

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About disability pension #

You may have a right to a disability pension if you have to reduce the number of hours you work in your position as a result of illness or injury. You do not need to be completely disabled to be granted a disability pension. You can also draw a partial disability pension.

Pension payments usually begin after you have been on sick leave for a year.

Read more about eligibility for a disability pension

Apply for a disability pension #

The Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund can help you apply for a disability pension (only in Norwegian)

Calculate your disability pension #

See also #

FAQ on disability pensions (only in Norwegian)

Everything you want to know about disability pensions from the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (SPK) (only in Norwegian)

Pensjonistforeningen NTNU (only in Norwegian)

Contact #

The Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund

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