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Information in Norwegian: Utlysning av midler for global mobilitet i Erasmus+ 

Call for proposals 2020 - Eramus+ Global Mobility #

This information is for NTNU employees who would like to apply for funding for global mobility under the Erasmus+ programme. The programme primarily focuses on mobility for students and staff from non-EU/EEA countries. However,  there is also a possibility for mobility stays from NTNU to partner countries.

The Office of International Relations will coordinate one joint application from NTNU, including all partner countries. If you are interested in a project within Erasmus+ global mobility, please send an application to the Office of International Relations.

Project period can be 24 or 36 months

Budget #

The global mobility call for proposals 2020 is divided into different regions – each with own budgets.

Tentative budget for 2020

Some regions are of higher priority and thus have larger budgets than others, which means that there are funds for more mobilities to and from these regions. The number of mobilities listed in the budget are to be divided on all Norwegian institutions that are granted funds – so please apply for a limited number.

New for the 2020 call

  • There are no substantial changes in this year's call
  • Project start is 1.8.2020

Criteria #

Office of International Relations reserves the right to prioritize applications that

  • are able to argue that they have a clear link to NTNU’s international action plan and if relevant national strategies
  • are able to argue that the project is clearly linked to the partner’s international strategy for cooperation
  • are good, and describes former cooperation with the partner university. In case of newly emerged cooperation, applications that argue a potential for further cooperation in the Erasmus+ programme or Horizon 2020, will be prioritized.
  • In case of more than two applications from NTNU to the same partner country, the Office of International Relations reserves the right to prioritize the best two applications according to the criteria above.
  • Incomplete applications will be rejected. The same applies to applications that do not have documented support from the head of institute.

 Application process #

  • Please fill in the application form within the deadline 11 December 2020
  • Applications from NTNU Trondheim are processed by Office of International Relations in Trondheim and applications from NTNU Ålesund and NTNU Gjøvik are processed by local coordinators (see contacts at the end of this page).
  • Office of International Relations are responsible for coordination of the application that will be sent to DIKU within the deadline 05.02.2020. As part of the responsibility for coordinating the application, the Office of international relations will add information to the application about NTNU’s general procedures of international mobility and NTNU’s general strategy for global mobility within the Erasmus+ programme.

Criteria for mobility and duration #

  • Mobility of students: minimum three/maximum 12 months’ duration
  • Mobility of staff: academic and administrative staff. A minimum of five days’ duration (excluding travel days) and a maximum of two months’ duration.

Erasmus+ grant rates #

  • Inbound students: 900 € per month + travel grant according to EU’s rates
  • Outbound students: 700 € per month + travel grant according to EU’s rates
  • Inbound staff mobility: 180 € per day + travel grant according to EU’s rates
  • Outbound staff mobility: 180 € per day + travel grant according to EU’s rates

NTNU procedures for approved applications #

Contract and report #

When funds are granted for global mobility, we enter into a contract between NTNU (central administration, Office of International Relations) and DIKU. The contract includes all global mobility projects for NTNU in total – hence Office of International Relations is responsible for contract and report to SIU. Academic/administrative staff involved in projects will report to Office of International Relations. Reports are done in the beginning of the project period, at interim report and before finalizing the project.

Student mobility #

Office of International Relations process the application for student mobility (bachelor and master level). Students going from NTNU within the project need to apply for student exchange according to NTNU’s procedures. Office of International Relations arrange for accommodation at SiT for inbound students at bachelor and master level. Office of International Relations is responsible for transferring the Erasmus+ grant to the students.

Staff mobility and Phd mobility #

Staff at faculty or institute are responsible for the inbound and outbound staff and phd students. This includes accommodation and transfer of grants. Office of International Relations will provide information on procedures for transferring of grants to staff and phd students.

Additional information for applications at NTNU Ålesund and NTNU Gjøvik #

Both student and staff mobility at NTNU Ålesund and NTNU Gjøvik is administered by local international coordinators with experience with applications and manage grants within global mobility programme.

Contact #

Trondheim: Wolfgang LaschetGunnar Bergseth

Ålesund: Anne Ulla

Gjøvik: Joakim P. Berg

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