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Adobe Lightroom is a program for organizing and improving images.There are two applications - a new cloud-based program Adobe Lightroom CC for computers, mobile devices and browsers, and Adobe Lightroom Classic for use with images stored in the computer and associated storage devices.

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Availability #

Through the NTNU agreement for the Adobe Creative Cloud programs, all employees at NTNU and also students at the Faculty of Architecture and Design can install Adobe Lightroom CC  and Adobe Lightroom Classic

The program is available for Windows and Mac. 

Note that the program can only be used for academic work (teaching and research) - not for commercial work.

Installation #

Note. Information on how to get an Adobe user account from NTNU-IT will come here.

Adobe Creative user #

You will  get an Adobe user account from NTNU-IT. The account is linked to your email address. You must  use  this user account to be an Adobe Creative Cloud user to install and use installed programs included in this agreement - no license codes are used.

Note that you are not allowed to be logged in as Creative Cloud user and  use the applications in the agreement on more than 2 machines at the same time.

Installation program Adobe Creative Cloud #

The programs in the agreement are installed using the Adobe Creative Cloud installation program. When you start this program for the first time, you get the question "Sign in." Use your Adobe user account and you are logged in as Adobe Creative Cloud user and can install and use Lightroom. In the Creative Cloud program, you will also find information about each application in the agreement.

For employees who have a Windows PC managed by NTNU, Adobe Creative Cloud (with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC included)  will be available through the Software Center.

For other PCs and Macs: After you have got your Adobe user account, download and install Adobe Creative Cloud from the Adobe web pages, and install Acrobat. During installation of Creative Cloud, you must identify yourself with your Adobe user account. You will then be an Adobe Creative Cloud user.

You can also install the programs from the Adobe web pages when you are signed in as a Creative Cloud user.

When you're not logged in as Creative Cloud user, sign in as Creative Cloud user by launching the Creative Cloud application - or when you start the application you're using.

Lightroom CC cloud storage #

The NTNU agreement gives anyone with  a Adobe user account access to the Lightroom CC cloud storage.The Adobe Lightroom mobile app communicates with this storage, and also when  Lightroom is used in a web browser.

Adobe Lightroom mobile app #

There is also an edition of Lightroom for mobile phones and tablets. We can improve images using the mobile phone and tablet, and the images can be stored in the Lightroom CC cloud store. For more, see Get started with Lightroom CC on a mobile device

Using Adobe Lightroom CC in a web browser #

We can from a web browser  access the images stored in the Lightroom CC cloud storage and improve the images with the browser. We must log into our Adobe user account to do this. The address to this service is

User support #

Software information #

Developer and distributor #

Adobe Systems Incorporated

Version #

Newest version, see:  Lightroom CC-New Features - Lightroom Classic-New Features

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