Admission requirements for PhD programmes

Information on admission requirements and application forms for admission to a doctoral programme. Norsk versjon - Søk om opptak til doktorgradsstudiet

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Apply for admission to a doctoral programme #

You complete the application form for a doctoral degree in consultation with a supervisor. Familiarize yourself with the regulations and guidelines for admission before you draw up a plan for a doctoral degree.

Together with your supervisor, you need to draw up a project outline describing the topic, problem formulations, choice of theory and method, and progress schedule. The application must include:

  • Documentation of the studies that form the basis for admission
  • Preliminary project description with academic outline of the project and progress schedule
  • Documentation of funding
  • Documentation of special requirements for academic and material resources
  • Plans for residence at another institution, if applicable
  • Plan for academic dissemination
  • Details of any restrictions on intellectual property rights, to protect the rights of others
  • Plan for organized academic training
  • Proposed main supervisor and co-supervisors as well as an indication of their association with an active research environment
  • Description of any legal or ethical issues raised by the project and how these can be resolved. The application must indicate whether the project is dependent on permission from the National Committees for Research Ethics in Norway, other authorities, or individuals (respondents, patients, parents, etc.). If possible, such authorizations should be obtained and attached to the application. The points above are from NTNU's PhD regulations, passed by the Board of NTNU on 23 January 2012.

The Faculty may require further documentation.

These items in the application are from the Section 5.2 of the PhD Regulations (pdf).

Project description #

If this is not a requirement when you complete your application, you and your supervisor must prepare a complete project description later. This may vary from faculty to faculty.

This is an example of a project description (template used by the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology (IVT):

Project description - IVT (pdf)

Admission requirements #

You will find admission requirements in the Regulations concerning the philosophiae doctor degree (PhD) at NTNU.

Apply for a PhD position #

To become a doctoral candidate, you must either be appointed in a PhD position or provide evidence that you have enough money to pay for the programme. You can apply for advertised positions and contact the academic group to get in touch with a supervisor. See the list of all the doctoral programmes.

There are no fixed deadlines for applications . Vacancies are advertised on Vacancies at NTNU.

See also #

Feature article in Norwegian: "Verdien av en doktorgrad" ("The value of a doctorate") Printed in the Adresseavisen newspaper 29 April 2009.

Regulations for doctoral degrees

PhD handbook

Forms #

Here are all the forms that NTNU uses in connection with doctoral programmes

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