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In the Administration of the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science the following Employees: Technical and administrative staff will help you with questions about Personnel, Economy, Studies, Post/Archive and HMS. For more extensive search regarding help at NTNU, please visit this page Hvem kontakter jeg (in Norwegian)

Information will be updated soon. For most updated information, visit the Norwegian version.

This page is also available in Norwegian: Administrativ støtte ved IBT


Who does what? in the Administration at IBT


Contact person


Personnel Employment - recommendation letter Cecilie kontakt-hr@nv.ntnu.no
  Employment - applicant list / applications Cecilie  
  Employment – without announcement Cecilie  
  New salary notification, change of salary, leave of absence and amount brought forward/ advance payments  (Paga) Cecilie  
  Transfer of workplace – application Cecilie


  Renewal of contract Cecilie  
  Absence (Paga) Cecilie


  Self-certification/ medical certificate (Paga) Cecilie  
  Reception of new co-workers (accesses, photo on Innsida) Cecilie


Economy Orderflowers Thao  
  Order – PC-equipment

Innsida info


  Order – Hotel Merethe / Thao


  Order –  Chemicals/ equipment



  Order – Office supplies Thao Merethe
  Local project support (budgeting, establishment of project, invoicing, reporting) Wenche  




Project overview (nr, name)

  Requisitions Merethe / Thao  
Studies adm. Admission / keys Cecilie

Wenche / Henrik

  Master student at IBT (in Norwegian) Henrik Kristin
  Suggestions for master- and project assignment Henrik Kristin
  Approval – obligatory activity Henrik Kristin
  Digital exams and submissions (Inspera) Henrik Kristin
  Complaints- and justifications Henrik Kristin
  Quality assurance (KVASS) Henrik Kristin
  Reading room- assignment and access Henrik Kristin
  Appointment of external examiner Henrik Kristin
PhD PhD forms Maja  
Mail/ archive


Merethe / Thao

  Goods reception Merethe Thao
  Case distribution - ePhorte Cecilie


Miscellaneous Department seminars - suggestions Cecilie Kjetil
  Cake lunch / collection for gifts Wenche


  SOS-meeting – suggestions Kjetil  
HMS HMS-coordinator Martin Kjetil
  Safety deputy
- Gløshaugen

- Akrinn

Gerd Inger Sætrom

Lene Waldenstrøm

Wenche Iren Strand
Hanne Karlsen
  Local radiation protection coordinator Randi  



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