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Publications you register in Cristin will automatically be included on your profile page. The publication list will not be visible if you don't have publications listed in the Cristin database.

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Display options #

Which articles you wish to display on your profile, can be determined by the following options:

  • Standard - 20 most recent publications
  • Selected publications
  • Visible publication list

Standard view #

Your last 20 publications from certain categories in Cristin are automatically displayed on your profile page, unless you choose otherwise.

Journal publications are displayed first. If you have less then 20 published articles, some of your most recent publications from the next category will be displayed in the following order:

  • Journal publications
  • Artistic work
  • Book/report
  • Part of book/report

Select publications  #

Using this option you can choose which publications to display. 

  1. Log in to Innsida.
  2. Click "My profile" on the upper black menu bar.
  3. Click "Publications" on the menu that appears beneath.
  4. Check the publications you wish to display. While editing you can browse your publications either chronologically or by category.
  5. You're done - changes are saved immediately.

Your chosen publications will be grouped by category and displayed by category in the following order: 

  1. Journal publications
  2. Artistic work
  3. Book/report
  4. Part of book/report
  5. Other (newspaper articles, etc.)

Hide list of publications #

  1. Log in to Innsida.
  2. Click "My profile" on the upper black menu bar.
  3. Click "Publications" on the menu that appears beneath.
  4. Click the button next to Publications list:

  5. You're done - changes are saved immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions #

Q:  An article is missing. Why is it not visible in my list of publications?

Make sure that all activity is registered in Cristin. If everything is in order, the article should be visible in your profile. If you've just recently registered an article, wait at least 24 hours for the system to register the addition.

Q:   Someone elses publications appears on my list. What's wrong?

This is usually caused by publications being registered wrongly in Cristin. Contact your Cristin administrator to fix this issue. As your list of publications in Innsida is synchronized with Cristin, changes made to Cristin will automatically be made to Innsida.

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