Accommodations for students with mental illnesses

Do you have mental illness that may require special accommodation in your studies? There are many types of mental disorders, and your studies can be tailored to your needs. Visit us and find a solution. In this article, a selection of the special offerings are described. Norwegian version - Tilbud for deg med psykiske lidelser

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Finding the best solution for you #

Visit us for a planning meeting, where we'll discuss what special services might help you. Contact information can be found at the bottom of the page. Some of our services might have application deadlines.

Accommodations during exams #

You may be entitled to some form of special exam. Find application forms and read more about accommodations during exams for special needs students. In certain cases alternative exam forms may be arranged. Contact the Disability Office for a meeting if you think this should be the case. Some examples of accommodations that can be made on exams are:

  • Extended time
  • Exams in a smaller room or alone
  • Access to a break room
  • Assistance or support
  • Exams at an institution
  • Alternative exam forms

Accommodated reading room #

Some of the university's reading rooms have work stations with accommodations for students with disabilities. There are also offices and reading room desks for students who need a permanent location to work. The university can customize the work area for your specific needs. Application deadline: 15th September (autumn) and 15th February (spring).

You can find application forms in Norwegian by clicking the links under.

NTNU Trondheim:

NTNU Gjøvik:

Get your own mentor #

Read more about the mentor cheme and how to apply for a mentor.

The syllabus on audiobook #

You can borrow audiobooks from the Norwegian library of talking books and braille (NLB) . Contact us if you need help applying for the right to borrow from NLB. At the university libraries at Dragvoll and Gløshaugen in Trondheim, you can produce audio literature yourself. Ask us for more information.

Follow-up meetings #

You are welcome to speak with someone from the Disability Office. We can help discuss difficult issues, as well as the accommodation services available from us. It's a good idea to book a meeting before your situation gets difficult, so we can help you back on the right track right away.

Postponements/extra time #

If your mental illness becomes worse for a period, it may be necessary for you to postpone certain obligatory assignments. Your professor will decide whether you are allowed to postpone assignments. You will need a medical certificate from your doctor or psychologist explaining your difficulties and the reasons for postponing. Contact your institute directly, or visit the Disability Office.   

SMS - Supported studies #

Support studies is a service for students with mental illnesses who want help in their studies. (Norwegian link)

Is it a good idea to inform your academic circle about your illness? #

In some cases it's a good idea to inform the academic circle you belong to about your mental illness. This will make it easier to accommodate. The Counseling service can help you meet with your academic circle if necessary.

Feeling a little down? #

Contact SiT's mental health service if you are anxious, worried or sad. You will be given someone to talk to, and if you need further help you will receive a referral to visit a doctor. On some campuses, there is an on-campus nurse you can talk to.

Contact #

The Disability Office. Email:

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