Accommodations during exams for special needs students

If you have a health problem or a disability, you may be entitled to have special accommodations during your exams. Both chronic and temporary conditions can give you the right to have special aids or accommodations. You must apply by the deadline, however, and provide documentation of your needs (a doctor's note, for example). Norwegian version - Tilrettelegging på eksamen

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Examples of special accommodations for exams #

Each individual's special needs during the examination period are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, based on both the individual and on the situation. The subject itself is also an important factor in designing the accommodation. What follows are examples of the kinds of accommodations that you may be allowed:

  • More time to complete your exam
  • The use of aids, such as a computer or ergonomic equipment
  • Customized examination area, such as a special table or chair, or your own examination room
  • An aide who can read the examination or assignment to you
  • Alternative examination form

Application forms                                                #

  1. Fill out the application form for exam accommodations and send it to the Examination Office (the address is on the form).
  2. If you are applying because of allergies or asthma: Be sure to attach a doctor's form that explains your special needs (pdf, in Norwegian).

You can also read the guidelines/brochure (pdf) on how to fill out the form. The Disabilities Office can also help you.

Send the application form and documentation to:

Trondheim: Eksamenskontoret NTNU, Realfagsbygget, 7491 Trondheim 

Gjøvik: NTNU i Gjøvik, Postboks 191, 2802 Gjøvik or return the application at Studenttorget

Ålesund: Return the application at Studentservice

Deadlines #

Notice the deadlines for application.

  • 15 September (autumn semester)
  • 15 February (spring semester). This deadline also applies to exams that you might need to take during the summer.

If you apply after the deadline, you shouldn't expect that your application will be processed. However, if you become sick or injured after the deadline, your needs will be addressed.

Contact The Examinations Office, see:

If your need for special accommodations is ongoing, your accommodation measures can be granted for the entire length of your study programme.

Documentation #

You must document your need for special accommodations during exams using this form (pdf, in Norwegian). Examples of approved documentation include a letter from your GP, from a psychologist, a school psychology service, or a physiotherapist. Make sure that the form states how long it is valid.

Contact #

The Disabilities Office

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