Special examination arrangements

(Videresendt fra Accommodations during exams for special needs students)

If you have a chronic or temporary health problem or a disability, you may apply for special arrangements for your exams. You must apply by the deadline, and your needs must be documented by a doctor or another authorized health care provider. 

Norwegian version - Tilrettelegging på eksamen

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Examples of special arrangements for exams #

All applications for special arrangements are processed individually. In addition, academic requirements must be considered when processing the application. Examples of arrangements that may be granted:

  • Extended time
  • Special aids, such as a computer
  • Adapted examination area, such as adjustable table or chair, or a smaller examination room.

If you have a persistent need for special examination arrangements, you may apply for the entire duration of your programme of study.

Application form                                                #

The application form for special examination arrangements (pdf) contains:

  • Two pages to be filled out by you
  • One page to be filled out by a doctor or another authorized health care provider
  • A page with a description of documentation requirements.

Please avoid submitting sensitive health related or personal information by email (does also apply to email attachments). 

Application form and documentation may be delivered in person or by mail to: 

  • Trondheim: Examination office NTNU, postbox 8900, NO-7491 Trondheim, or in person to the Examination office at Campus Kalvskinnet, Gunnerus road 1, 4th floor (Akrinn West).  
  • Gjøvik: NTNU in Gjøvik, postbox 191, NO-2802 Gjøvik, or in person to Studenttorget.
  • Ålesund: NTNU in Ålesund, postbox 1517, NO-6025 Ålesund, or in person to the reception.

Deadlines #

The deadlines for applying for special examination arrangements are:

  • 15th of September in the autumn semester.
  • 15th of February in the spring semester. Does also apply for extended exams in August.

If you become sick or injured after the deadline, your needs will be addressed if possible. In these cases, you must apply for special arrangements as soon as the need occurs.

Documentation #

You must document the need for special examination arrangements. Examples of approved documentation are statements from a doctor, psychologist, speech therapist, physical therapist or another authorized health care provider. In the application form, you will find a description of documentation requirements. You will also find a doctor’s certificate form. Bring this form to a doctor or another authorized health care provider.

Contact #

If you have any questions regarding special examination arrangements, please contact:

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