Access to Inspera Assessment - for employees and graders

On this page you will find information about how external graders, as well as scientific and administrative staff at NTNU recieve access to the exam system Inspera Assessment. 

Norsk versjon: Tilgang til Inspera Assessment - for ansatte og sensorer

Topic page about administration of exams (in Norwegian) | Topic page about course planning | Pages labeled with exam 

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Roles in Inspera Assessment #

Inspera Assessment has different roles for the different user groups in the systems. This determines what you can do and access in Inspera.

  • Author: The person that makes the question set. The main lecturer will hold this role.
  • Planner: The administrative staff responsible for the exam (studiekonsulent). The planner creates the exam in Inspera and makes sure that the correct question set is tied to the exam. 
  • Grader: The person grading the exam.

Access for NTNU Employees  #

NTNU employees can use this access form to recieve access to Inspera. Note! The form is only in Norwegian, contact the administrative staff at your institute for help. 

Access for External Examiner/Grader #

To be able to grade in Inspera at NTNU the external grader needs a registerd NTNU-user. This is used to verify the graders identity in a safe manner. This entails that the external grader has to be registered in the HR system (PAGA) to gaign access to Inspera Assessment. If you are an eternal grader, contact the administrative staff at the institute. They will use this guide to provide you with access to Inspera. 

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