Empty the cache to your browser

(Videresendt fra Emptying your browser's cache)

The following article describes how to empty your cache in the most commonly used browsers at NTNU. Norsk versjon - Tømme cachen i din nettleser

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Deleting your browsers history #

Mozilla Firefox  #

Quick method: CTRL + SHIFT + DEL, then select what you would like to delete.

Alternative method (Parentheses give the Norwegian terms):

  1. Enter the Tools (Verktøy) menu
  2. Select Clear recent history (Slett nylig historikk)
  3. Under Time range to clear (Tidsperiode for sletting), select Everything(Alt).
  4. Select Details(Detaljer)
  5. Check Cache (Hurtiglager for nettsider)
  6. Click Clear now.

Internet Explorer 9 #

  1. Enter the Tools menu
  2. Select Delete browsing history (slett leserlogg)
  3. Check the Temporary internet files(Midlertidige internettfiler) box
  4. Click Remove
  5. Click Close(Lukk)

Other browsers #

What browser version do I have? #

Internet Explorer #

Here is how find out what version of Internet Explorer you are running:

  1. Select the Help menu (If you can't see this menu, press the Alt key).
  2. Select About Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox #

Here is how you find out what version of Firefox you are running:

  • In Windows: click Help, then About Mozilla Firefox.
  • In Mac OS X: click Firefox followed by About Mozilla Firefox.

Why should you empty your cache? #

You cache stores information on websites you visit to be able to load the site more quickly next time you visit.

Caching can also cause problems. Old versions of content on a site can remain outdated and lead to problems loading the site. By emptying the cache, you browser will reload the whole site and update the information on it.

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