[Open position] PhD research fellowship in the area of application development for IoT systems

A Ph.D. research fellowship in the area of "Application development for IoT systems" is available at the Department of Telematics.

Application development for IoT systems

Applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) are interesting and their design is challenging. since they have to fulfil several requirements. These requirements are tightly connected with each other. Of course, applications need to be functionally correct. In addition, they need to use computing resources efficiently, since there are often parts of the application that run on battery-driven sensor nodes. At the same time, application need to be secure, and for instance protect the privacy of user data. The communication in the network needs to be scalable, and its architecture should be robust. There may also be challenges regarding user-friendliness, because of the constrained user interfaces that these systems often have. Altogether, this requires a high level of expertise from developers, and often hinders the creation of such systems in a cost-effective way. Approaches to reduce complexity, such as the provision of frameworks or middleware, as applied to other areas, may not be possible due to the resource constraints or due to the tight dependencies of technologies that also evolve quickly.
The research should thus focus on the overall challenges when developing IoT applications, satisfying several requirements. The work can also cover architectures for IoT systems, identifying where specific functionality should be execute and how different architectures influences security and robustness of the system. After a study of the problem domain and ongoing research, the work should identify and advance viable techniques, strategies and architectures that ease application development for IoT systems. This can include formal techniques, model-driven approaches like code generation, and other analytical methods that can assist developers.

Application deadline: Dec 7 2015

Contact: Assoc. Prof. Frank Alexander Kraemer


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