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What kinds of jobs does Custodial Services undertake? They can:

  • Change lightbulbs
  • Small repairs (doors, dripping faucets, worn out flooring, radiators)
  • Replenish toilet paper or soap in the bathrooms
  • Thermostat issues -- too hot or too cold
  • Clean inside

Questions about janitorial services

Questions about cleaning (daily, periodic, or complete cleaning) can be directed to the custodian in your building.


Custodial staff

During work hours:

Outside of normal work hours:

  • Gløshaugen: 918 97 373
  • Dragvoll: 918 97 375
  • Security staff: 918 97 373

See also

Rubbish and recycling

For cardboard for resycling and a great deal of rubbish, please contact your maintenance staff in your building.

Normal rubbish sorting