NB-Test page - Writing and submitting your master's thesis

For students (see Writing and submitting your master's thesis)

What is a master's thesis?

The master's thesis is independent work undertaken by the student under the guidance of academic staff as a finalization of a master's degree.

Information for your area of study

Architecture and design


Civil engineer / technology

Medicine and health sciences

Science and computer science

Social and educational sciences

Submitting your thesis

Printing, cover and logo

Use these templates:

Also check the course in Blackboard for any information.

Economics and management

Writing guidelines

Guidelines for writing your thesis at NTNU Business school (Norwegian only). Applies to Master in management of technology, Master in economics and business administration, and Master of Public Administration.

Guidelines for writing your thesis at the Department of economics (Norwegian only, some agreement forms are in English). Applies to 2-year Master of science in economics, 2-year Master in financial economics, and 5-year Master of science in economics.

Printing, cover and logo

  • Department of industrial economics and technology management (IØT): Students submit the thesis digitally in DAIM where it is delivered automatically for printing.
  • Other departments at the Faculty of economics and management (ØK): Students use these templates:

Also check the course in Blackboard for any information.

Writing for a company or organization?


The thesis is written in English or a Scandinavian language (does not apply to language subjects). Theses written in a Scandinavian language should have a summary in English and vice versa. The Faculty may grant exemptions from this provision. See §5-8 (7) of the Study Regulations (Norwegian only) for full text. For international master's programs, the language is English.

Ethics and privacy

  • Updated guidelines will be published soon

Grading and grades

If the master's thesis is considered not passed or F, a new or revised thesis with significant changes can be submitted for grading one more time.

Publishing and delayed publication

Plagiarism and cheating

Financial support and field work

There are various support schemes for those writing a thesis, and those doing field work (HSE, field card, insurance, visa etc.).