For employees

NTNU demands Open Access

All NTNU publications must be archived in NTNU Open to ensure open access, as stated in the Action Plan for Open Access.

Cristin = Open Access

All publications that are uploaded to Cristin will be accessible in NTNU Open and thus comply to the open access requirements.

Processing charges = NTNU pays

NTNU covers all article processing charges for publications i open access journals. You need to apply prior to publishing

The publishing process

Choose where you want to publish

In order to make your publications more available to all, you should 

Overview of all open access journals

Check the journal's standing in the Database for Statistics on Higher Education (DBH)

Check the quality of different journals


If you have chosen to publish in an open access journal, NTNU will cover the article processing charges.



Self-archiving in NTNU Open

Archive your doctoral thesis in full text version

The University Library will make sure

  • Your publication is automatically transferred to NTNU Open
  • The correct version is archived
  • The publisher's embargo is kept

Dissemination of research

Become more visible

Buy editorial coverage?


Why publish with Open Access?

  • Your research becomes available for researchers and institutions that normally can’t afford to keep increasingly expensive journal subscriptions.
  • Because your research is more available and more visible than it would be in a subscription journal, it can make a larger impact in the academic environment. Open Access publications also tend to have more citations than publications in non-OA journals.
  • Your research is made available to the public and can influence the public discussion.
  • The institutions that provide funding for the research demand that the research is given Open Access. EU, ERC and The Research Council of Norway demand that their funded publications are made Open Access.

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