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Find your syllabus

The course syllabus (pensum in Norwegian) is generally provided by the course instructor during the first lecture or on the Blackboard website.

Overview over digital reading lists for courses that have set them up.
More information about digital reading lists.

Faculties that have syllabuses on the Web:

Buy or order books

Borrow books

Some books are available for loans from the University Library.


Tips for book purchases

You may not want to purchase an entire book if you only need one article. Many of the articles are collected in compendia or item selections.

Compendia consisting of book chapters will be available in digital form in theo course room in Blackboard. Some compendia authored by course teachers will still be available in the Akademika book stores or at your department.

Required books as e-books

An increasing number of books that are on "required reading" lists for courses can be purchased as e-books from different online bookstores.

You can also access electronic books from the University Library (UB). Medical students also have access to an overview of all course-related e-books that are available at the University Library