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Commercialization step by step

When you have a new idea or invention, whether patentable or not, it is very sensible to contact TTO – NTNU Technology Transfer – as early as possible. We are always eager to hear about exciting research results and good ideas we can develop together with you. Many people think that the idea must be fully developed before they contact TTO, but then it might be too late. Come as early as possible, so that we can help with both market assessment and patenting.

You can get help from students for testing and further development of the commercial potential of your idea. Submit the idea to the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship or Take-Off (in Norwegian), and the person with academic responsibility will consider whether it is suitable as a case for the students.

Evaluate the idea’s potential

What problem does your idea solve? Is there a market? Can it be patented? How much funding is needed?

When the TTO has gained an adequate understanding of your idea, they will evaluate its commercial potential and continue working together with you to develop the idea.

It is important to find out whether your idea will work. Testing and development of an idea can be expensive, but are vital in a commercialization process. Development of a prototype or other form of proof of concept boosts external interest and opportunities for further development.

The TTO has access to and extensive experience with applying to a range of funding sources for exactly this purpose.

If you have a patentable invention, the grant of a patent could provide the competitive advantage you need in the market.

Does patenting prevent academic publication?

No. Both are possible as long as you do them in the right order. To arrive at the best patenting strategy, we often involve professional international patent agencies.

Read more about: IPR – Intellectual property rights

Establish a business

You can choose to establish a new company to get your product or service to the market.

We will do it together with you. You do not necessarily have to be the CEO of the company, but you will have a key role, such as board membership.

When earnings are to be distributed in a limited liability company, the financial gains will be linked with realization of holdings in the company.

So far, the TTO has been involved in establishing more than 40 new companies.

License the patent

In many cases, it is most feasible to enter into licensing agreements with industry players who are established in the right markets. 

A licence is a way of leasing out your idea. So far, the TTO has concluded several dozen licence agreements and has valuable expertise in negotiations and follow-up.

When the earnings are to be distributed, the net income from licence agreements will be divided equally between you as the inventor, your academic environment, and the TTO.


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