Sabbatical leave 1-2-3

Deadline: The application deadline is 2 May for sabbatical leaves starting the following academic year.

Keep in mind that there are many steps in the overall process that take time (such as obtaining a visa or getting approval from NAV for social security coverage for your spouse/partner and/or family).

Checklist - make certain you have:

With respect to NTNU, you should have:

Taxes - Things to keep in mind

You should familiarize yourself with the regulations that govern taxes during a sabbatical abroad

  • Find out about tax agreements that Norway might have negotiated with other countries
  • Arrange for your tax deduction card for the period during which you will be abroad
  • Note that the tax regulations may be different if you are staying abroad for two calendar years
  • Remember that your research grant is in general considered taxable
  • Check your wage and tax summaries from NTNU

Family-related issues

Follow-up work

Don't start your planning too late: Many of the steps you need to go through can take much more time than you might expect -- it can take a full year for all the paperwork to clear before you are finally able to go on sabbatical leave. If you are leaving for longer than 3 months, there is a whole other world of paper chasing that you will have to undergo.

Don't wait too long to clarify your advisory responsibilities with your PhD candidates: Whether you pass these responsibilities on, or choose to pursue them while you are abroad, it is important that you have a firm agreement as to how you will handle your PhD candidates before you leave on sabbatical.

Unnecessary tax deductions: If you don't submit the right documentation in a timely manner, your grant may be taxed, even if it shouldn't be. Don't make this mistake.

Failing to take advantage of NTNU's travel agreements: Using NTNU's agreed-upon companies and travel agencies gives you extra benefits when you are on the road, both in terms of security and extra insurance coverage. For this reason, you shouldn't necessarily just choose the cheapest means of travel, but should weigh the benefits of using NTNU's vendors.

Failing to use your NTNU credit card: If you pay most of your travel expenses by Eurocard you will get better travel insurance -- take advantage of it.

Child benefit: You may not be paid your family allowance/child benefit in certain countries - particularly if you go to the USA. You shouldn't forget to factor this into your budgeting.