Exam (planning and administration)

For employees

Examination dates and rooms

You will also find examination dates and rooms at the course's homepage.

Examination paper details

Quality assurance of examination question papers

  1. Make exams for both ordinary and delayed exams.
  2. Template for the examination paper cover.
  3. Examinations that are given in Norwegian must be available in both Nynorsk and Bokmål. The exception is examination papers in the subject Norwegian. In case all the students prefer the same form of language, the examination papers may only be written in this form.
  4. Find which examination aids you are allowed to use on your exam

Deliver examination papers

The examination paper itself must be delivered to the examination office (invigilators/eksamensinspektørene) a minimum of five days before the actual examination.

  • Departments situated on Dragvoll, Tungasletta and Moholt deliver their examination papers at Dragvoll, building 2, room 2204.
  • The rest of the departments in Trondheim deliver their examination papers at room 121 in the Main administration buliding at Gløshaugen.
  • NTNU in Gjøvik and Ålesund deliver their examination papers at their local examtinations office as before.

Your presence in the examination room

See Instructions for teaching staff during examinations

Grading examinations

The deadline for completion of grading is normally three weeks after the examination date. Master's theses have a grading deadline of 3 months.

Public holidays or illness

  • If public holidays occur during the grading period, the period is extended by the same number of days that are considered holiday days.
  • If Christmas and New Year's holidays occur during the grading period, the grading deadline is extended by 10 days.
  • If the individual who is grading the examination should become sick (whether an internal or external examiner) the deadline is extended by two weeks.

Grade scales and points

A description of the different grades including the point percentage method  (for technical subjects)

Explanation of grades and appeals

Information about explanation of grades and appeals for students.