For students 

Exams 1-2-3

Deadlines for registration:

Exception: Students at Bachelor in Nursing in Gjøvik must register for exams 1 month before each exam.

Cancel your exam registration

If you decide not to take the examination, you must cancel your registration in Studentweb.
If you don't cancel your registration by the deadline, you will be considered to have taken the exam. You have limited attempts to resit an exam.


  • 14 days before the examination date. You'll find the exact date in Studentweb
  • 20 July - Deadline to cancel exams at the re-sit exams in August

Special accommodations 

If you have a health problem or a disability, you may be entitled to have special accommodations during your examinations.  Deadlines for submitting an application for special accommodation: 

  • 15 September - Special accommodation for exams, Autumn semester
  • 15 February  - Special accommodation for exams, Spring semester and examinations during the summer.

Compulsory assignments

Compulsory assignments must be approved before you can take the exam.

Reading rooms

Reading rooms and study hall locations.

Additional reading room places (will be announced before the examination period).

Find the date and place for your examination

If there are a number of rooms listed for your examination, you can also find the precise time and location on Studentweb.

Previous examinations

Mastering examinations

Digital exam?


You must arrive at the examination location no later than 15 minutes before the examination is scheduled to begin. At digital examination you must arrive at least 30 minutes before the exam starts. Bring a photo identification (e.g. driver's license, bank card or passport). You must show this to the invigilators before you can sign the attendance list.

Permitted examination aids

During the examination

All bags and personal belongings, including cell phones and other electronic aids which can be used for communication (e.g. smart watches), must be placed at designated places in the examination room. Cell phones must be switched off.

During the examination, any communication between candidates is prohibited, both on and off the premises. You must not leave your seat without the invigilator's permission, and you must follow the invigilator's instructions.

Find rooms

Language in written assessments

You choose language/form of Norwegian (English, bokmål, nynorsk) when you register as a student on Studentweb. 

You will find the rules that apply to the choice of language/form of Norwegian for written examination paper questions and examination answer papers in section 5-8 of the Academic Regulations for NTNU (pdf).


Transcripts and diplomas/certificates

New examination

Exams at the previous university colleges


NTNU in Trondheim

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Email: eksamen@adm.ntnu.no

Visiting address: Realfagbygget E4-024

Postal address: Eksamenskontoret NTNU, NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway


NTNU in Gjøvik - Studenttorget

Email: eksamen@gjovik.ntnu.no

Visiting address: Studenttorget in the G-building, NTNU in Gjøvik, Teknologiveien 22, 2815 Gjøvik

Postal address: NTNU in Gjøvik, postboks 191, NO-2802 Gjøvik


NTNU in Ålesund - Student Services

Phone: + 47 70 16 15 02

Email: studier@alesund.ntnu.no

Visiting address: Hovedbygget, 1. etg., Larsgårdsvegen 2

Postal address: NTNU in Ålesund, v/Studentservice, postboks 1517, NO-6025 Ålesund