Report problems and discrepancies – Speak up

For students



Teaching quality and learning environment

If evaluations were not conducted or followed up.  Report a problem


Buildings and rooms

Ventilation, cleaning, technical or fysical problems in rooms or buildings. 


Serious situations

In the event of illegal acts, bullying, conflict or harassment. How to proceed?


Health, safety & environment

In the event of dangerous situations, injuries or accidents. Always report HMS problems here.

Report a problem


When should you report a problem?

If you experience a problem and the regular channels for feedback don't work; or anytime you encounter serious situations, ALWAYS report the situation.


You won't be anonymous, but your report will be handled confidentially. You will always receive a response explaining what NTNU is doing with your report.


  • How can you participate in the educational quality assurance process?
  • What password and username do these forms require? Same as you use for Innsida.

Apps for this

Report problems with your mobile or tablet.