Organize a conference

For employees

Organize a conference 1-2-3

Contact NTNU konferanser (only in Norwegian) for help to organise your event; you can’t put a price on advice. You can do it all on your own or buy the services you need.

Location: Find a venue


  • Create an economic framework for the conference.
  • Create a project number if you are planning a larger event. Contact your Financial Adviser.


  • Create a communications plan (for webpages, social media, posters, etc.)
  • Call for papers: At academic conferences, NTNU VIDERE can offer an online registration system that handles the paper submissions.
  • Preparation: Ask the participants to report any allergies, food preferences in relation to religious beliefs or other arrangements that need to be made.



  1. Book flights and hotels for the invited speakers.
  2. Order food and drink
  3. Book streaming or recording from the Multimedia Centre
  4. Contact the AV Services if you need lighting, speakers or TV-screens
  5. Order conference materials
  6. Order gifts for keynote speakers.
  7. Order brochures and the science magazine Gemini to give to the participants.
  8. Contact Custodial Services for assistance when using NTNU’s buildings and facilities. You can also borrow whiteboards and poster stands from Custodial Services.


Inform the Communications division about the conference


  1. Plan how to organise arrival to the conference and wardrobe solutions for the participants.
  2. Plan seating arrangements if a formal dinner is part of the conference.
  3. Plan how the participants can evaluate the conference. You can use Machform or Office 365 to create web surveys (In Norwegian).


  • Signs: Make sure people can find the conference venue.
  • Wireless network: Inform the participants about access to the wireless network
  • Hashtag (if relevant): Inform the participants about the conference’s hashtag on Twitter.
  • Phone numbers: Remember to make a list of important phone numbers (food suppliers, entertainment, medical assistance, technical assistance, etc.).


  • Register the participants, hand out name tags.
  • Have coffee available for first-comers.
  • Be prepared to welcome journalists.
  • Make Gemini and brochures from NTNU available.

During the conference

  • Take pictures and document the conference.
  • Distribute evaluation forms (or send by e-mail).
  • Evaluate the conference.
  • Publish the presentations on the website. You can also use Slideshare. If you want to publish video presentations, you need a written consent from the introductory speaker.
  • Storify gives you an overview of the conference’s impact in social media.
  • Finalise the budget

When the event has several partners

The distribution of responsibility concerning finances, visual profile and coordination must be clear for all partners.

Contact the Communications division if you need advice.

Universal design

Guidance and tips to help you organise a meeting, a seminar or a conference available for all through Universal design (in Norwegian)