Employee card

Student? See Student card

As an NTNU employee, you are entitled to an ID card with your name and picture. The card serves as:

  • a key card to allow you access to specific NTNU buildings
  • library card
  • access to printers (for some employees)
  • ID card

Please wear your employee card visible if you are on campus after opening hours. If requested by NTNU's duty officers, you are obliged to show them your employee card. The access card is personal and it is not allowed to lend or otherwise transfer it to others.

New Card

Step 1: Take photo and choose PIN

You will find dedicated photo booths at the Security Services Office (Vakt og service) in Trondheim, and at the Sercie Centers in Gjøvik and Ålesund. Log in to the machine with your user-ID and password. The process involves taking your photo and choosing a PIN for the access card through the photo booth.  

Step 1: Collect your card

Please bring a valid ID and retrieve the card at the Security services office (Vakt og service) in Trondheim ar at he service centre in Gjøvik and Ålesund. Your manager will arrange to send a confirmation to the Security services office/the service centre.  Pick up your card here:


ID card for guests?

Use this form to apply for ID card for guests at NTNU. (Only in Norwegian)

Exception Ålesund:
Guests in Ålesund must contact Campus IT in C-block, 2nd floor.

Lost card?

Please bring a valid ID and retrieve the card at the Security services office (Vakt og service) in Trondheim or at the service centre in Gjøvik and Ålesund. Your manager must have sent an email to the Security services office (Vakt og service) in advance for a new card.

Card is worn out?

If your ID card is worn out, you can get a new card by turning in your old card.

Extend or add to your access?

Basic access and access to Traka key lockers for car pool keys will be added automatically given that all information in the HR portal is OK.
If you need extended access, please contact your manager.




Note that employees at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences also need admission to the hospital (in Norwegian).