Employee card

Student? See Student card


As an NTNU employee, you are entitled to an ID card with your name and picture. The card serves as:

  • a key card to allow you access to specific NTNU buildings
  • library card
  • access to printers (for some employees)
  • ID card

Please wear your employee card visible if you are on campus after opening hours. If requested by NTNU's duty officers, you are obliged to show them your employee card.

Obtain card

Bring your identification and a requisition. Your supervisor or the individual responsible for personnel matters can provide the requisition.

Lost card

Bring a requisition from your supervisor to the access control desk.


Your unit has to send a requisition for prolonged access to Byggsikring / Service office. Outworn cards are replaced without requisition.

ID card for guests

Please use this form to apply for ID card for guests at NTNU




Note that employees at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences also need admission to the hospital (Norw. only)


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  • Phone: 735 91 500
  • E-mail: orakel@ntnu.no